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I have not done a day in the life post in way too long.  I am super snoopy curious so I love reading others day in the life posts.  It's fun to see how people do everyday life.  So, I put this day on my calendar and did my best to remember to take photos.  Spoiler, I did not do well by the end of the day!

Everyday looks a little different around here due to activities and schedules but it's a good representation of daily habits!  Let's get started and rewind back to Wednesday, February 28, 2018!

My alarm goes off at 6:15am but on Wednesdays, our kids have a late start so I laid in bed until 6:30 am and then willed myself to get up knowing you all would be seeing this ;).  I put on a cozy cardigan and my Ugg slippers and headed downstairs to do a little work before everyone else woke up!  Scott has bible study Wednesday morning so he was up and out the door by 6am!  Speaking of which, I have bible study on Thursday mornings and leave by 6am!

I turned on my computer and I made sure my blog post went live, scheduled a post to go live on Facebook, responded to emails, posted comments and then visited all my other favorite blogs to start the day.  I also double checked my calendar and to do list I made the night before.  At about 7:15am the kids started waking up and since it's a late start, they got to watch a little tv.  I turned off the computer around 7:30am and got breakfast going!

I boiled some water and made French press coffee while simultaneously fulfilling breakfast orders.  Solon had a bowl of cereal and two pieces of buttered toast while the girls had waffles!  I eat a chocolate chip peanut butter Lara bar every morning!  #easy

Both kids were having hot lunch so no need to pack any lunches.  While they ate, I unloaded the dishwasher and then cleaned up the kitchen when they were done.  After cleaning up, we all headed upstairs to get dressed, do hair and brush teeth.  

I also made the bed and then once the kids had changed I started a load of laundry.  I try to do a load every day or every other day depending what needs to be washed.  I do not sort clothes, washing everything on cold and use the quick cycle!  Some of you might be hyperventilating at my laundry routine, don't worry I won't wash your clothes ;)!

After our morning chores, it was time to pack up and take the kids to school.  On Wednesdays, I take the kids to school.  Generally, every other morning Scott takes them.   We listened to Harry Potter (book 4) on the way and since it was nice weather, the line was super efficient, yay!

When we got home, we had a few minutes so I read my bible and took time to pray before we headed out to the gym! On Wednesdays, I do Zumba at 9:30am.  I love to dance, now you know where Lucy gets it from! They just got a play place with a trampoline in the kids area and Lucy loves to go play!

After class, I added a little bit of makeup before heading up to the kids school to eat lunch with them. I caught up on some of my favorite podcasts along the way!  What did I do before podcasts?   Vera eats lunch at 10:55 am (but they don't get a morning snack) so we arrived about 5 minutes early and Lucy waited and watched patiently!

It was walking tacos for lunch, the best lunch of the month, in case you didn't know!  The kids have been begging me to come eat lunch so walking taco day sounded good.  They were both so excited and they eat at back to back times so I was able to just sit and wait for Solon to come after Vera went to recess!

When we got home from lunch, I put the laundry in the dryer.  Then, I prepped dinner because I forgot to pull out the meat the night before so it had spent the morning thawing so I could fit it into my crockpot!  Roast was on the menu.  I just added a packet of dry Italian dressing mix with some water and let it cook!

Scott came home for lunch, which he does most days right now, so we chatted about some things.  He never use to come home with his old job and once they move locations, he probably won't so we are enjoying it while it lasts.  We get a lot of adult conversation in which is nice!

After Scott headed out, it was time to read books with Lucy.  It's one of my favorite times of the day.  We go up to her room and she picks out lots of books.  We read, we sing songs and we cuddle.  Then, I lay her down in her bed with some books for quiet time.  She still naps most days but it takes her a little time to settle down.  She is perfectly content with some books and her blankets!

Before heading downstairs to work, I fold the laundry and then sort it all as well as the basket full of clothes on the floor from the day before.  Everyone will put their clothes away later on so it's all ready to go for them!

I then spend the next 2 hours working on the blog.  On the agenda, was the end of the month email newsletter, a prayer journal graphic, and Friday's post.  I also spent time responding to emails and cleaning out my inbox as well as perusing social media!  The kids arrive home about 3pm and I closed down my computer about 3:30pm.  In the mean time, they put their things away, washed hands, grabbed a snack and sat down to watch a show on TV!  I got Lucy up to join the party!

Since we had conferences the night before, at 4pm we head to our weekly chiropractor appointment.  Scott met us there and we all got adjusted.  He headed back to work and I came home and realized that I left the crockpot on low so our meal was not cooked.  I made an audible and chose to make Friday's planned meal -- biscuits and gravy with loaded scrambled eggs (made with bacon and cheese).  The kids played while I started dinner!

Scott got home about 5:30pm and we all sat down to have a family dinner!  Everyone ate which is a novelty and super exciting.  

I cleaned the kitchen while Scott took the kids up to clean their rooms.  They needed a good cleaning.  I make them do it about twice a month.  Generally, we do it when someone comes for a visit but in this case, it just needed to be done (hello Valentines!).   Scott always plays DJ in the evenings with a variety of music.  Last night, it was classic rock so I went upstairs to a dance party and people putting their clothes away.  

I joined the party by working on the mismatched sock pile.  I ended up throwing a grocery sack full of mismatched socks away.  I am still not sure who is eating them but it's crazy how many we lose!  It was bath night, so the kids all took baths.  We went down to the basement because we host small group on Thursdays and it needed to be cleaned!

We headed to the kitchen to make the kids lunches for the next day.  While Scott was finishing that up, it was time for me to head out for 7:30pm worship practice (I sing or at least try ;).  The kids and Scott grabbed dessert and were headed up for books, prayer and snuggles as I left.  

I got home from practice around 9pm! Scott and I sat down to watch the latest episode of This Is Us.  I was thankful to not sob during the episode!  After the show, we headed upstairs and got ready for bed around 10pm.  We both perused social media for a little bit before calling it a night about 10:30pm.  I had to get up at 5:45am for bible study the next morning!  

So there you have it a day in the life of us!  Do you like seeing day in the life posts?  Can you relate to the mismatched socks or schedule?  What does a day in the life look like for you?

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple, purposeful life.  #tribekoko

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