Arizona -- Spring Break 2018

I can't believe spring break has come and gone but we had the best time.  It never fails I always feel like I give my family my very best away from home, away from the chores, the distractions and the busy.  We filled our love tanks, relaxed, swam, and I wasn't in charge of anything (besides my kids ;)!  

Due to our China trip later this year, Scott and I decided he would work most of the week to save up on vacation time while I flew down with the kids.  Our kids do a great job flying so I wasn't nervous! My parents gifted us these tickets for Christmas.  I hope to carry on the tradition of gifting travel someday with my kids.

It was much cheaper to fly out on a Tuesday so we hung out at home and relaxed for the first few days and then woke up really early for our 7:45am flight.  The kids were so excited, they hopped right out of bed and we were all ready to go (with coffee).

The two big kids sat behind Lucy and I.  They all had their iPads and did great.  Lucy got a little antsy toward the end of the plane ride but we all survived.  With the time change, we made it to Phoenix by 8:15 AM!  So, we headed back to my parents place and within about 15 minutes of arriving the kids were in the pool :).

My mom and dad found awesome inflatables and so the kids alternated between swimming and playing with toys outside!  The weather was perfect and I snuck in plenty of lounge time while I lifeguarded!  We had tacos for supper in our pajamas el fresco!  

The next morning my dad arrived from Washington DC so we took an early morning desert walk since we were up with the sun (due to the 2 hour time change). 

Then, we came home and swam all day, had lunch by the pool and then around 3pm my dad, Solon and I got ready to go play golf.  The girls worked on making kindness rocks and made cupcakes while we were gone.

Solon got a pair of golf clubs for Christmas from Scott's parents and my mom took them down to Arizona for the winter.  He absolutely loves to golf.  I hadn't golfed in 17 years, and it's not just like riding a bike,but we played best ball and had a great time.  Hole 8 was my favorite, I only shot 1 over par.

Thursday started off overcast and windy so we decided it would be a good day to head to the new aquarium in Phoenix (OdySea).  It's a whole complex of shops, restaurants, the aquarium and some other attractions.  The tickets were quite pricey for the experience but the kids had a great time!

Before we left, we stopped by the candy store.  The kids found lots of things to try and of course all Lucy wanted was M&M's.  She was so excited to pick out her favorite colors!  We got our candy and hit the road for more pool time with Grandpa at home!

After a little swimming, we tested out my parents Bocci Ball court.  You may not know this about me but I am competitive and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so we played several rounds of competitive bocci ball before calling it a night and heading out for Mexican food!

Friday morning, we headed to pick up Scott at the airport bright and early.  We were able to watch him fly right in from the cellphone lot which the kids thought was so cool.  Then, we headed off to one of the kids favorites, the Scottsdale Train Park.  

We went last year and they loved it so much, they wanted to go back and take the guys!  We rode the train, visited the Old West Town, rode the merry go round (twice for Lucy), visited the model train exhibit and explored an actual train car!

Then, you guessed it, we headed back home to relax by the pool.  We had come up with a fun challenge we issued to Scott.  We had a huge 36 inch beach ball and we took turns seeing how long we could stay on top.  Then, it turned into who could stay on top while swimming to the other end of the pool.  We laughed so hard and it took me about 100 tries but I am happy to say I am the first woman to stay afloat an emoji beach ball across the pool ;)!  

That night, we headed to Fountain Hills to see the fountain and play at the park before having pizza on the lake.  It was a beautiful sunset and great way to enjoy the evening!

Then, Saturday and Sunday we spent all day just hanging by the pool enjoying the sunshine.  The weather was supposed to be chilly but turned out to be lovely.  I read a full book and we all took turns taking naps on the giant inflatables!

Sunday night, we headed over to the country club to play a little putt-putt golf on a specially designed 18 hole putting course.  Lucy lost interest after the first hole but the older two kids had fun!

We had a yummy dinner while we watched the sunset over the desert mountains. When my parents told us they were moving to Arizona, I won't lie, I told them they should move to Florida but I can see why they fell in love.  There are no bugs, no humidity, very little wind and great pool weather every single day!

Monday morning, we were up early and flew home!  We had a great week away.   About day 2, I just left my phone in the house and enjoyed being fully present away from distractions and the duties of life.  I love filling up the love tanks with my favorite people and letting everything else go.  When we boarded the plane for home, I told the kids that the next plane we will ride will be to China.  Of course you know I teared up at the thought.  When we got off the plane, Lucy triumphantly said "China".  #notyet

My kids have already asked to go back to Arizona next year for their Christmas present ;).  I am pretty sure they have already started planning what we will do with my parents.  I would go back tomorrow :)!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.  #tribekoko

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