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5 Friday Favorites | 3.2.2018 |

Friday, March 2, 2018
Hey, hey it's Friday!  One week from now we will officially be on spring break.  That's crazy!  We have a full weekend ahead hosting a going away party for dear friends, hosting friends for an around the world appetizer party, Solon's last basketball game and evaluation day for baseball but first movie night tonight!  I can't wait to kick this weekend off but first a few Friday favorites!

1.  March Activities

Yay!  It's March and if you have a day off or spending spring break at home, I have some fun and simple activities for you and your kids to enjoy together!  Read about all 8 simple activities here.

2.  Des Moines Moms Blog Post

If you are traveling for spring break, you need to read my travel tips for flying with kids.  Did I mention I am flying with all 3 of my kids solo?  Let's just say there's a pool, a float and a margarita waiting for me at the other end so if there is a will, there is a way.  Make sure to read my tips here.

3.  Prayer Journal

On Facebook/Instagram Live this week I shared how I have gotten more intentional in my prayer life.  I struggled for a while to see God's faithful hand in answering my prayers.  When I started journaling monthly, I could more easily see how He was working in my life and it also gave me confidence to wait on Him in other areas he had yet to answer!

TRIBE KOKO VIP Email subscribers also received a fun printable to help them get started.  If you aren't a VIP email subscriber, you should be!  You can sign up here.

Speaking of prayer, I wrote an article about how I was waiting on a prayer to be answered from the Lord.  I didn't disclose last year what that prayer was but I was praying for God to work a miracle in Scott's heart about adoption!  He did!  Reading back over this post makes me smile to see God move in our lives.  I hope it encourages you too if you are waiting on a prayer to be answered.   Read the article here.

4.  Blush, My New Favorite Spring Color

I am loving all things blush this spring!  You know I will always love navy and thankfully blush pairs nicely with it ;)!  My new favorite top and tennis shoes are both blush!  Here are my favorite blush finds these days!

5. Declutter Challenge

I am so excited to host another monthly simple purposeful living challenge for my KOKO Email VIPS.  This month we are tackling our technology clutter.  It starts on Monday and there will be a Facebook accountability group and daily live coaching by me!  Sign up here for my email list to join!   

In Case You Missed it --

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 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a simple purposeful life.  #tribekoko

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9 comments on "5 Friday Favorites | 3.2.2018 |"
  1. I have traveled alone with my kids but only with the youngest about your oldest's age! Good luck!

  2. You can never go wrong with blush! I love those tennis shoes!

  3. I love those blush tennis shoes!! I'd love some blush slip ons or blush floral top for spring :)

  4. I cannot believe you guys are on Spring Break in a week! How exciting!!! I love that you are journaling about how God is working in your life. One of my favorite lines from our Pastor is "not yet does not mean no". So true and sometimes so hard for me to remember. I hope you have a great weekend, it sounds like a great one full of family!

  5. Oh, I'm loving blush too and just bought myself a whole outfit of blush. :o)) Keeping a prayer journal many years ago was one of the best things I've ever done. It's so rewarding to go back and look how faithful the Lord has been over the years. You and your sweet family are just so cute and I can hardly wait to meet you face to face. Hugs!

  6. Cant wait to hear more about this challenge Erin! I am also loving your KOKO label SO stinking cute. Happy weekend friend.

  7. Give me all the rainbow crafts!!! So cute!

  8. I am loving all things blush too right now!
    I loved your prayer journal guide! I started mine March 1st! Ella saw me creating mine so she created one for herself! Love!

  9. BLUSH! Give me all the blush! I love it!


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