Favorite Valentine Gift Ideas

It's almost Valentine's Day!  I can't wait to celebrate with all my valentines.  This year, we will do our traditional heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's which all stems back from Scott's and my first Valentine's Day.  We ate at a local pizza place and they served us heart-shaped pizza.  The tradition continues with our tiny valentines now!

Since it's Friday, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gift ideas for your Valentines -- big and little!

1.  Candy

Who doesn't love some of their favorite candy?  I especially love those Reese's PB hearts.

2.  Cupid Farts

I saw this bag of Cupid Farts and instantly thought of my son!  I know he would laugh so hard!  The price is a little high but would be sure to bring lots of laughter to your little or big Valentine.  Bonus, it's edible ;).

3.  Hearts Game

We have a couple other games by this brand (eeBoo) and so I picked up the game of Hearts for a family gift this Valentine's Day. We love to play games together so I thought this was perfect.  Here are more by this same company.

4.  Valentine's Attire

My girls especially love getting holiday themed clothes and pajamas.  Vera got some valentine pajamas from Crazy 8 and Lucy got this darling sweatshirt dress from Target.  They have both gotten lots of use out of them already.  Here are a few other cute things I spied, I am dying over the heart shirts that go together! #bless

5.  Emoji Gifts

My kids are obsessed with emojis of all kinds, are yours?  Emoji crafts, blankets, pillows, clothes...you name it they love it.  Last year, I found little 4 inch plush emojis at Wal-Mart for $2.99 and they were a hit.  Here is the link to the emoji pillow and blanket.

6.  Scratch Off Cards

I just got these scratch off cards for my kids so I can write their special dates I have planned on them.  It comes with 24 so I can use them for other special occasions too.  I thought it was a fun way to reveal their gift of time with mom and dad.  Solon and I are going ice skating and Vera and I are going to get our nails done.  I am not sure what Scott has cooked up for his dates with the big kids.

7.  The 5 Love Languages Quiz & Book

As part of my 5 day email challenge on intentional marriage, I encouraged the participants to take the love language quiz and have their spouse do so as well.  We often give love how we like to receive it but that's not always how our spouse receives love.  I am literally tied acts of service and words of affirmation at this season in my life.

You can take the quiz here.  Then, talk about your results on your valentine's date together.  The book is a good read to learn more about yourself and your spouse.  There's a kids quiz too which I think it so helpful in knowing how to love your kid well.

8.  Personalized Necklace

I love these bar necklaces and I think they are perfect personalized with your kids initials, your wedding date or the coordinates for your home.  The options are endless for personalization.  I got mine from 6th and Style and it's so affordable with free customization and shipping!

9.  The Book Of Us

Scott got me this book years ago (before we were married) and you fill in 150 questions about your love story.  It's a great way to celebrate your love for one another and a sweet keepsake.  Ours is still unfinished ;).

10.  Love Monster

This book is darling and a best seller on Amazon.  It would make your tiniest valentine so happy this year.  All my kids love this book!

11.  Shrinky Dinks

I picked up a set of Valentine-inspired shrinky dinks at the Target dollar spot for $3.  The kids love to color and decorate them and then you pop them in the oven and they shrink and harden.  You can turn them into charms or whatever you like.  I found this set on Amazon too.

12.  Karen Katz books

Lucy love love loves these books and she has tons of Valentine inspired options.  If you kid loves peek-a-boo, her books are perfect.  Here are some Valentine-inspired titles.

This year, for gifts, I picked up a few Dollar Tree chocolate boxes for the kids -- a shopkins one for Vera, a Minnie one for Lucy and a football one for Solon.  I also found that fun family Hearts game.  I plan to throw in a special but simple breakfast and a fun family night in by battery-powered candle light complete with Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza special.  Wednesday's are our activity free night so it will make for a fun way to celebrate our love and Valentine's Day this year.

How do you celebrate? Do you celebrate your big sweetie or all of your sweeties, big and small?  Do you do gifts? Candy? Flowers?  I am not a huge rose fan but spring flowers are my absolute favorite!

 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled, purposeful life.  #tribekoko
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