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Whoa hey there Friday you came up mighty quick!  Yesterday, I headed out of town with my best friend and our two youngest kiddos for a speaking engagement I had in her hometown.  It was such a fun day.  I shared on Intentional Marriage and the ladies I spoke with were just amazing.

For many years, I thought my dream to be a public speaker was the dumbest dream ever.  I mean, how do you even go about doing that but I have learned to take every opportunity I am given, learn, grow and be grateful.  If you know anyone who needs a speaker, send them my way! #shamelessplug

On that note, let's get to a couple of things I am loving this week...

1. Marriage Webinar

Speaking of my speaking engagement, I am sharing the same message on Intentional Marriage with my email subscribers next Tuesday at 1pm CST.  If you can't watch it live, there will be a replay available for those signed up!  In addition, I am doing a 5 day marriage challenge as we seek to make our marriages a priority.  Sign up here to join in on the challenge and webinar.

2.  Adventure Day with my Bestie

You know I love to find everyday adventure and so it was so fun to head out of town and see where she was from, see where she grew up and eat at a hometown staple restaurant.  We talked all the way there and back.  It was just the best day!

3.  My Goals

I am so excited about what I was able to accomplish in the month of January.  Although, I didn't get in a daily prayer time and reading the Bible 7 days a week,  I am giving myself grace and celebrating my improvement.  God really worked on my heart this month revealing some things I needed to work on (aka fear) so I am thankful for that!

January Goals

Speaking of fear, I have been so afraid that everyone else is doing blogging/speaking/business already and that I am not qualified.  I needed to just get over my fear and try.  My new mantra is do it scared.  I am also being more intentional about staying in my niche of intentional living!  I am excited about my February goals and a little scared! #oldhabitsdiehard

February Goals

4.  Rearranging

I mentioned on Instagram that Lucy caught the rearranging bug after seeing me do it the other day.  One of my favorite ways to redecorate or mix things up is by rearranging my furniture and redoing my decorative shelves.

My mom use to do the same thing growing up so it's totally normal to me but my husband did not grow up this way so you can imagine his surprise the first time he came home to a new furniture arrangement.  He quickly learned he likes this methodology because it saves him money ;)!  Do you like to rearrange?

5.  In Case You Missed it...

This week I shared our monthly recap and it covered my favorite books, tv shows, favorite new binge-worthy podcast, and some outfits that made the cut in my recent closet purge.  Check it out here.

My friend Johannah featured me for Meet and Greet Tuesday!  It was so much fun.  You can read it here.

Last but not least, I shared a SIMPLE Mexican dip perfect for the super bowl.  We are having friends over this weekend and the food planning was at the top of my priority list as well as a sturdy paper plate to hold it all.  This momma loves appetizers, the real MVP of the super bowl ;).  Find the recipe here.

Don't forget to join me for the marriage challenge next week, you can sign up here.  It's all free!

 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled, purposeful life.  #tribekoko
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