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Now that Valentine's Day is behind us I totally feel at liberty to usher in spring.  Who's with me? Scott even got me tulips for Valentine's Day because he knows they are my very favorite and a good reminder spring is just around the corner.  Speaking of spring, that means a few new staples for my wardrobe and since I am not ready to try on suits yet #hellopastywhitekskin, we are talking shoes today!

I always love looking at magazines, Pinterest and my favorite fashion bloggers to see what the trends are going to be.  (I especially love following these fashionable ladies -  ByBMG, The Haute Homemaker, Hi Sugarplum and Sheaffer Told Me To).  I am super excited because it looks like stripes and navy are still popular.  If you ask my daughter what I love she says polka dots, stripes and navy blue.  Yes ma'am I do!

You all know I am cheap, tight with money, frugal so I think long and hard, do lots of looking around at all the places before finally pulling the trigger on anything.  I am also working really hard to buy things I love, not just things on sale.  The struggle is real.   Let's get to sharing, here are the shoes that will be on repeat in my wardrobe this spring!

1.  Booties with Detail

I got these last fall at TJ Maxx.  I love that the height gives my legs a little badabing badaboom if you know what I mean but I can still but they are still super comfortable.

 2. Sandals

I just invested in my second pair of Birkenstocks.  I got my last pair about 5 years ago and they are still going strong but I have been eyeing this style for a while.  I love that I can slip them on like a flip flop but that they have a little more support.  I will say you have to work them in at first so just be aware of that.

I also asked for Tory Burch sandals last summer for my birthday and wore them all the time.  I love the metallic finish because it acts like a neutral with a little bit of pizzazz (all about the word sounds today).   If the price is too high, look on places like Poshmark or your local consignment stores or even places like Nordstrom Rack.

I also love a simple ankle strapped sandal to wear both with jeans or dresses!  I got so much use out of mine last summer all the way into fall.  They have a cute one at Target right now!

3.  Mules

I have wanted to get on the mule train forever but felt like they either slipped off my feet or they were too big or my heel hung off the end.  I was so excited to find these that have a longer top that holds my foot in better (very scientific I know) plus you know it had me at bow.  I really wanted to love these but they didn't fit me right so I splurged a little bit on these.

4.  Blush Adidas Sneakers

These shoes are taking me back because when I was in 6th grade all I wanted was a pair of Adidas shoes.  My parents wouldn't buy them for me because I didn't play soccer but I had to have them so I saved up all my money, went to the store and got them.  When I got to the register, I forgot to take into account the tax.  My dad took the opportunity to teach me the fine lesson of tax but paid the difference.  You better believe, I have never forgotten to include tax!  

5.  Pointed Flat

I love all the wrap around flats I have been seeing everywhere but not sure I could pull that look off so I did a hybrid between this and this.  These are so flattering and make my foot look narrow which makes me instantly fall in love with you.  The grey makes it a perfect neutral that can be paired with anything this spring (I am talking like I am a fashion blogger but that I am not :).  

Now, you know I said I was cheap thrifty so usually I ask for shoes for my birthday, Christmas or use gift card money towards them.  I also consign older items I no longer need to buy new things I love.  I am also finding that if I purchase less but love what I buy, I don't have the need to buy every shoe I see...even if it's a really good deal (or at least I try).  You will see these shoes on repeat all spring long around here :).    

Here are some affiliate link sources for the same and similar shoes I shared :). Happy Shoe shopping!

Are you ushering in spring?  
Are you happy navy and stripes will live on another year like me?  
What fashion bloggers do you love to follow?  

 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled, purposeful life.  #tribekoko
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