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It's officially Valentine's Week aka love week...imagine me saying that with extra emphasis on love ;).  We actually celebrate Valentine's Day as a family but I do love any opportunity to celebrate and reminisce!  So, today's 10 on the 10th was a fun one for me!

I am reminiscing about 10 favorite memories with Scott.  The other day during dinner I asked him what his favorite memories were and we came up with these together!  If you blog, link up and share 10 favorite memories you have with your spouse or share a favorite memory in the comments!

1.  The day my hands got cold

New Years Eve 2001, we were visiting mutual friends in Kansas City and while riding back from lunch my hands got cold.  My husband offered to hold them to warm them up.  We always say the rest is history.  There might be a little more to the story but that's the night we first kissed.  From that point on, we were inseparable!

Engagement photos by the lake where we got engaged!

2.  The night we nearly got attacked by geese

Scott told me he needed a ride home from a test on campus so I headed over in my pajamas late on a week night.  He had his backpack on and when he hopped in, he asked if I wanted to walk around the campus lake.  The saying goes if you walk around the lake 3 times in silence, you are meant to be together forever.  So, he said we should try it out.

About halfway around, the geese popped out of the lake and scared us half to death but besides a scream and some serious laughter we didn't say a word. Little did I know, he was going to propose to me in my pajamas after we concluded the 3 laps!  He never had a test but he knew I would get suspicious if he didn't have his backpack on, he had though of everything, minus the geese :)!

3.  Romantic date in Rome

I student taught in Rome and Scott's parents and him came over to visit during his spring break.  One evening, we went on a date, just the two of us.  We visited the Trevi Fountain all lit up at night, threw our coins in together which meant we promised to visit the beautiful city again one day.  We found the cutest hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant for dinner, ate by candle light and had the best tiramisu I have ever had in my life before meandering the cobblestone streets.

Notice the photo procession...

4.  The day we ran for our lives to avoid the torrential rain

We were greeting our wedding guests as they exited the church when our wedding coordinator told us a huge storm was coming and we needed to make a mad dash for the trolley to avoid getting soaked.  Sure enough, we ran for it, and not 30 seconds after our wedding party boarded, the skies opened up.  We watched as our guests all went running to find shelter in their cars and church.  Our guests still talk about having to use the hotel room hair dryers to dry out before the reception!

5.  Spot Loves His Dad book

When we started trying to get pregnant with Solon, I found one of Scott's favorite childhood books but with a special twist, Spot Loves His Dad.  On the morning, I took a positive pregnancy test, I gave Scott the book and wrote you are going to be a great daddy to our little one to tell him the news.

6.  Cliff Jumping at 25 weeks pregnant

I don't suggest doing this to everyone but we went on cave tubing excursion in Belize.  Once we walked at least 2 miles (mind you I was visibly pregnant), our tour guide told us that in order to get into the cave, we needed to jump off the cliff.

I looked at Scott and we laughed, then he helped me down the cliff a little bit so it wasn't so far and I jumped.  It was one of our favorite excursions and we still laugh about it today especially when I had to hold on to an older gentleman's hairy, wet legs in a pitch black cave!

7.  Our kids birth days

Each of our kids birth days were unique and special.  They are some of our most cherished memories watching our kids come into the world!

Solon's birth day

Vera's birth day

Lucy's birth day

8.  Our pirate ship cruise on St. Thomas

Last year we went on our 10th anniversary cruise and we planned, I thought, a catamaran sail and snorkel day.  When we arrived to the dock to board, a huge pirate ship awaited us!  We laughed so hard, we had to walk the plank to snorkel, they served the best pirate rum punch and made us swim to shore for lunch.  We had the best day laughing and enjoying the wind in our hair...argh matey! Read more here.

9.  Nightly hot tea sessions

Some of my favorite moments are sitting with Scott after we tuck the kids into bed and grabbing some hot tea (or hot water) and chatting about the day, watching our favorite shows together and just enjoying the quiet after the chaos of the day.  I don't have to imagine too hard what we will look like when we are 90 because I am pretty sure we will still be enjoying hot tea ;)!

10.   The day Scott told me he wanted to adopt!

Most of you know that I was ready to adopt before Scott was and so last year when we were on our cruise, I asked Scott to seriously pray about adoption.  God worked on his heart and on my 34th birthday Scott gifted me a Chinese flag to let me know he was ready to adopt.

As I reminisce, the central thread is laughter and joy together.  We love to laugh every single day and some of our most cherished memories are the ones that bring back that repeated laughter and joy!  We have had our ups and downs but I am so thankful God gifted me Scott.  He truly is my rock and my best friend.  Life is best by his side!  

Don't forget to grab the graphic, link-up and then visit 2 other blog and leave a comment!  Happy looooove week and 10 on the 10th :)!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled, intentional life.  #tribekoko

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