Bathroom Faux Board and Batten DIY

We have a laundry list of items we would like to complete before Port baby #4 arrives home and the kids bathroom which also serves as our guest bathroom was the first project on the list.  From the moment we moved in, I wanted to add hooks because our builder just slapped up two random hooks on the long wall and called it a day.  

So, when I found these hooks on Amazon and got them for Christmas, it turned into an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie sort of DIY job...If you give Erin some hooks for Christmas!

If you get a set of 4 hooks four hooks for Christmas, you might want to add board and batten to put them on which then means a mathematical headache for you and a puzzle for your mathematically gifted husband.  Then, after the math is done it means not one, not two, but three trips to the local home improvement store to pick up all the lumbar and supplies you need.  

Then, the kids will want to help and life will happen so what seemed like a simple project turned into a race to the finish line with family coming into town for my sister's baby shower.  All that work for some new hooks but I love the way the project turned out!

We decided to go with the faux board and batten look meaning there is no board covering up the drywall.  We chose that for two reasons, it's a bathroom full of moisture with towels laying against it and that seemed like we were asking for trouble, plus it was way more work for not much of a difference in look!  I was a little worried since we have heavily textured walls but you really don't notice it!

While we were at it, we framed out the mirror.  It was just a builder-grade frameless mirror before and it was one of those projects where I said, why didn't we do this sooner.  It was so simple, most of the tutorials said to use liquid nails and then use tape to hold it in place until it dried.  It worked great.   We plan to do the same treatment in our master bathroom!  Here's my mirror pin-spiration.

As you can see, we need to add the pictures to the frames (I got these from Target).  I am going to put bath time baby faces in each of the frames.  Each kid has a number associated with their birth order and their photo will go right above it.  You can see all my pin-spiration here.

For above the toilet, I might add a cute sign that says Rub a dub dub dub but I haven't decided yet!  I also would love to paint the top of the walls navy blue (Naval by SW) and get a new shower curtain but to save money for the meantime we used what we had, I still like it.  See my navy pin-spiration here.

Now, every kid has a hook to hang their towel.  It's the little things that turn into major DIY projects around here but I love the way it turned out.  We are now setting our sights on our next project.  We are getting the girls ready to share a room so first up we need to make the closet accommodate two little girls wardrobes.  This is my pin-spiration.  

This summer,  I will be redoing each of the kids bedrooms.  I can't wait to share all the details with you!  I have lots of ideas floating around in my head which is always dangerous for Scott but it will all be on a budget for sure, we have a baby to bring home from China!

What projects are you working on around the house?  
What pin-spiration are you finding these days?

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled Intentional life.  #tribekoko

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