12 Simple Valentine Ideas You Can Still Do Today

Happy Valentine's Day!  I love a reason to celebrate mid-winter with my family so even though Valentine's Day is mid-week this year we will be doing a few festive activities at home to show our love for one another.

I work best under pressure so although I have had some ideas swirling around in my head for the last few weeks, I am pulling it all together today. Tell me I am not alone????  Today, I am sharing 15 things you can do yet today to show your loved ones how much they mean to you and spoiler most of these don't require a trip to the store or the florist!   Just remember, it doesn't have to be fancy or cost a lot of money to be fun and create a memory.  

1.  Make a Top 10 List

Who doesn't love to hear all the qualities you love about them?  Take a moment and make a homemade valentine  with 10 reasons you love each of your big and small valentines.  Encourage your kids who can write to do the same and gift them to each other!

2.  Make Homemade Valentines

Take some time to get out the stickers, construction paper and whip up some masterpieces.  You can either send them to doting grandparents or take them to the local first responders or nursing home.  Share the love with others this Valentine's Day!

3.  Heart-shaped Pizza

You can either make a heart-shaped pizza or buy one.  Every year, we get a "heart-baker" pizza from Papa Murphy's.  I get a night off from cooking, everyone eats well because it's pizza and clean up is a breeze!  That's a LOVE-ly meal right there!

4.  Set a fancy table

Dust off that china you registered for at your wedding but rarely use and set a fancy table for your family.  Serve something bubbly like sprite or sparkling apple cider, light some candles and play romantic music.

5.  Share why you love each other

While eating your Valentine's meal go around the table and have each person say one thing they love about each person.  Ask them to try not to repeat something someone else has said.  We tried this the other night and I could visibly see the warm fuzzies as my kids shoulders puffed up from love.

6.  Make a homemade dessert

Add red food-coloring to your chocolate chip cookie batter or get out your red sprinkles to top the cookies.  Make peanut butter cookies with Hershey kiss centers or chocolate-covered strawberries.  Ask your kids to assist you for a fun way to spend time together in addition to a yummy dessert.

7.  Gift a Date 

Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to gift each of the kids with a one on one date with both mom and dad.  You could go to the park, the ice skating rink, go bowling, get your nails done, get dessert or go out to dinner, see a movie or go to an arcade.  They can be tailored to your kids interests and be a great way to engage in quality time!

8.  All Red Dinner

Have everyone dress up in as much as red as they can and then serve all red food and drinks.  You could make spaghetti and meatballs or enchiladas with red sauce.  Serve up some cherry 7-up, cherry tomatoes and strawberries to go with it!

9.  Candlelight Picnic

Move your dinner to the living room floor and light some candles.  If you are worried about spills, just add a water-proof shower curtain underneath the blanket!  Grab your favorite food to go and enjoy dinner at home to avoid the crowds.

10.  Family Dance

Turn off the lights and get out some glow sticks or flash lights and have your own Valentine's Dance in the living room.  Dance to tunes like the Cupid Shuffle, the Hokey Pokey and some slow songs with your favorite loved ones.  If you have Alexa, she can totally be your DJ :)!

11.  5 Love Languages Quiz

Did you know there is a love languages quiz for kids now?  Have you ever taken it before?  We often show love how we like receive it which is great if your spouse and kids receive love like you do but often they don't.  Take time to take the love languages quiz today with each of your family member's so you know how to love them best.

12.  Valentine's Day Inspired Games

Grab a heart-shaped pillow and play hot heart (played like hot potato) or cut out some hearts and play musical hearts (played like musical chairs).

In case you missed it, I shared 4 simple breakfast ideas that you can easily make into an after school snack or breakfast for dinner.  Read more here.

Every year, my kids remember the smallest things we did to make a holiday extra special.  You don't have to do all these things to make their day special.  It doesn't have to be fancy, cost a lot of money to be meaningful to your family.  It's just about intentionally taking a moment to show a little extra love to your favorite people.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day, now off to buy my Papa Murphy's heart-baker pizza for dinner tonight!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled Intentional life.  #tribekoko

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