Seattle Trip Days 1-3

Remember when we went to Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Well, we were full throttle Christmas when we got back, so I never had a chance to recap our trip!  We had so much fun, saw so many things and made so many memories I wanted to make sure I did, SO I am!  Today I will be sharing the first few days then wrap it up next time!  

My cousin Madelynne went with us to Seattle so we took her out to dinner the night before at her favorite place, Chipotle before calling it a night since we had to get up the next morning early to start our trip!

We drove to Minneapolis since the tickets were half the price.  It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive but the weather was great.  When we got checked in, we met my dad who flew in from Pennsylvania.  My mom had headed out a day early to get checked in and go grocery shopping.  Bless her!  We had lunch, played at the airport play area, and rode the tram for fun before getting on our plane.

The kids love to fly and they love ordering their own "special" pop and this flight there was a TV in the back of each seat so they each got to watch all the tv they wanted :).  They were happy and Lucy snuck in a good nap too!

We were oohing over the mountain landscape as we came into Seattle.  They were just breathtaking!

When we arrived, I still had not gotten the "adoption announcement" photo I wanted so I threw a Hail Mary and asked my cousin to take a few photos in the terminal lobby.  I am not kidding you when I say we took about 1000 photos over the course of the week and this was the best we got.  Thankfully, it did the trick :). 

After the photo we hopped in the rental car and headed to our AirBnB for the week in Ballard.  It was about 10 minutes from my sister and brother-in-law's place and was perfect for all of us to stay in together.  I am sold on AirBnB's for so many reasons!

That night, we met some old and dear friends to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday at Ivar's.  The seafood was so good and the company was amazing but at this point my kids were exhausted with it being 3 hours ahead. We ate dinner after their bedtime and some of them fell asleep at the table and in people's arms.  We headed back to the house and cashed!

The next morning the girls were up early due to the time change so they happily played with the toys and little kitchen that they had available at the rental.  I enjoyed the coffee and fresh bread they left behind. 

Once everyone was up, we headed to the Sunday morning Ballard Farmer's Market.  It was DARLING.  My sister goes all the time and I am so jealous.  There were fresh flowers, seafood, vegetables, wares, and the street was full of the cutest shops too!  We sipped fresh, local coffee #becauseseattle and enjoyed!

Our next stop was visiting the Freemont Troll, the kids were dying to mark this off their trip to do list.    They had fun pretending to pick his nose and be captured by him.  Do you see the car in his grip too?

My sister and mom had gotten them several books to read and get them excited about the trip so the next place they wanted to see was the Seattle Public Library. We enjoyed the crazy red hallways and the glass and steel enclosure.

We made our way back to the rental after our trip to the library for a quick rest and nap before heading to our Christmas present experience from my sister and brother-in-law -- indoor skydiving!

It was as fun as it looks and not scary at all.  I would love to do it again.  They are starting to build more and more chains around the nation. It was such a fun, experiential gift!  Solon absolutely loved it.  Vera could have gone but she opted to watch this time around!

We grabbed pizza on the way home and played games that evening before calling it a night.  We had another fun day planned and we had only finished day 2.

The next morning, we all got up and had breakfast.  Then we headed over to park by my sister's place.  She lives just down the hill (and it was a hill, my glutes can attest ;). So, we walked up the hill and my  kids were so excited to get their first up close glimpse of the space needle.  They are remodeling it and it will have a glass floor when it's done!  

We took pictures and then played with the musical flowers outside of the Pacific Science Center.  They play a pitch when you get near them.  My mom had so much fun running around with the kids there in the momentary gap in rain! (Yes it rained every single day for a little bit but the sun would come out too).

Then, we hopped on the monorail and headed down to Pike's place Public Market for brunch and exploring...

We ate lunch at a little place in the market and I had the BEST crab Benedict of my life.  SO good!  Note to self, eat all the crab and seafood you can while in Seattle and coffee...all the coffee too!  We enjoyed the view of the ferries passing by in the sound while we ate.

After lunch, we watched the different shops package lots of seafood for Thanksgiving meals.  It was busy with tourists and locals alike getting Thanksgiving supplies.  They didn't have time to throw fish that day, they were so busy.  Scott and I sampled some teas in a little tea store and picked Seattle Chai to take home, yum.  

We also grabbed some pastries and cheese from two famous places in the market according to my sister.  Everything was delicious!  Then, it was time to get our packs of gum out and leave our mark at the gum wall.  

It was busy and there was a lot of gum.  I thought Scott was going to lose it when Lucy fell over and put her hands on the ground.  ;). I still laugh thinking about it.  There was a lot of juicy DNA on that wall, our 2 packs of gum included!

We decided it was time for a little afternoon snack since we had brunch and headed up the road and around the corner to the cutest little ice cream and soda pop store.  We were all happy to rest our feet, check out the map and enjoy some ice cream :)!

 After that, we headed back to the monorail and the kids got to help drive it back and push the horn!  The driver was so kind and the kids got a front row spot.  They were all so happy.

After a little nap and rest, the boys and the girls split up.  The guys headed to the Seahawks game which was a Christmas present from my dad.  The Seahawks are Solon's favorite team so when we saw they were in town for Monday night football, we knew it would be a once in a lifetime chance.  He reported it was as loud as they said it was and he had lots of fun with the guys, despite the loss!  

The ladies headed out to Bellevue to do some shopping at the mall.  The traffic was crazy so it took longer than expected but we made the most of it.  Vera found a few things at Zara and we all enjoyed Chick Fil-A on the way home.   That ended day 3.  We still had 4 more days and lots more to see and do!  We loved our time in Seattle!  I'll be back with the rest of the recap on Friday!

Have you ever been to Seattle?

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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