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5 Simple Ways I Broke My Phone Addiction

Friday, January 5, 2018

I was addicted to my phone.  I realized it when my phone got some water damage and it had to be resuscitated at the local fix-it place.  I didn't even have the phone at my house and I was grabbing at thin air for at least the first 24 hours it was gone.

I know I am not alone because at a stoplight the other day I looked over to see the person next to me looking at their phone.  The stories we could tell of where and when we see people using their phones could go on and on.  Phone addiction is an epidemic.

So, I wrapped up 2017 on a mission to spend more time unplugged and break my phone addiction.  One of my 2 year old daughter's favorite pastimes is playing on her pretend phone, she didn't just learn that.  It's not easy but it's so worth it.  I want my kids to live by my example.  So, here are 5 simple ways I am kicking my phone addiction.

1.  Opt Out of all Push Notifications

Every app gives you the option for push notifications, you know those things that might ding or show up on your locked phone screen.  Just say no to all of them!  I am more apt to pick up my phone when it dings for every notification and then run down the rabbit hole of being on my phone for 15 minutes (at least).      You can change your notification settings on your apple device by going to settings, then notifications, and choosing the apps you want to change (as seen above).

2.  Keep Your Phone on Vibrate

I know this one is hard for us moms because what if the school calls?  I check my phone often enough that I don't need the ringer on.  The only downside to having the phone on vibrate is it's a lot harder to find if it gets lost (maybe that's not a bad thing ;).

3.  Leave Your Phone Plugged in Out of Sight

If there is a particular time of day you really struggle to keep your hands off your phone, plug it in and leave it.  The old adage rings true, "out of sight, out of mind".  So often, I mindlessly grab for my phone when I don't need to.  Putting it out of sight helps me to avoid the temptation.  When you are in the car, leave it in your purse as you are driving, so you are less likely to pull it out at a stoplight or worse yet driving #donttextandrive.

4.  Download Phone Use Tracker

I use the Moment app (this is not sponsored by the way).  After using it for about 4 weeks, I can see weekly trends.  My heaviest usage days are Monday-Wednesday when I am doing more social media work for the blog.  It also highlights your phone usage in green (good days), yellow (medium usage) and red (high usage).  It's like a Fitbit for your phone.

5.  Delete Most Used Apps for a Period

Occasionally, if I really want to unplug I will delete my favorite apps on my phone.  It's amazing how much less time I spend on my phone with social media apps deleted.  It normally takes me at least 24-48 hours to completely overcome the urge, isn't that crazy?  After some time, I can reinstall and have a healthier relationship with those apps ;).

You can also see how much you are using your phone by going to settings, choosing battery, clicking last 24 hours or 7 days, and then clicking the clock icon.

Technology can be so good, I mean hello I need it for blogging and connecting with all of you.  I just want to cultivate healthy habits not only for myself but also to be a role model to my kids as they start to engage with it themselves!

Anyone else have a New Years resolution to break your phone addiction?  How are you intentional with your phone usage?  Share your tips, I love learning from you all!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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17 comments on "5 Simple Ways I Broke My Phone Addiction"
  1. I feel like I never want to fully admit it but I'm totally addicted to my phone too. I told myself to be more mindful in 2018 and these tips will truly help that. I plan on charging my phone upstairs from now on!

  2. Ugh! You are so right that this has become and epidemic! Going to download that app now and see what my usage is. I need to get better about leaving my phone out of sight!

  3. Yes to all of these. I'm turning my notifications off this weekend, so I can enjoy just being in the moment! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh I have such a problem with this. My smart watch doesn't help... But turning off email notifications helped me a lot and putting it away helps too. My phone is usually on silent because of school.

  5. Love this post! I am so guilty of this and trying to get better at it! Thanks for sharing these tips. Have a great Friday, friend!

  6. I got a Fitbit Altra HR for Christmas, and you can read incoming text messages and see who's calling (but not reply or answer the phone) and it helps so much with the urge to always have my phone within reach. I can look down at my Fitbit and see if it's a phone call or text that I MUST respond to right away, or if it can wait until I'm done rocking the baby or playing a game with the older boy. :)

  7. Oh it’s such a struggle! Thanks for the tips! I need to work on out of site out of mind!!!

  8. I know for certain that I am addicted to my phone, and if it's not near by I feel completely lost. Ugh. I love all of these tips, and I am certainly going to try and use them!! Thank you for sharing =)

  9. Love, love, love all these tips! Going to download that app very soon

  10. love this post and these ideas! thanks for the great ideas!! have a good weekend!

  11. I didn't set a resolution, but I've definitely been thinking of this a lot lately. I am really interested in that app for not only myself but for my teenager as well. I'll have to look into it.

  12. These are all great tips. I agree that removing the apps and putting the phone out of sight are so helpful. I have "unplugged" from Facebook for 2018, and to be honest I don't miss it at all (yet!)

  13. It's so amazing how long folks my age lived just fine for many years without these devices. Now, we cannot imagine our lives without them for an hour. A great thought provoking post! Happy weekend Erin!

  14. I could definitely use some better phone boundaries for myself. I have yet to try deleting apps. I like your idea to charge it out of sight. I'd also like to designate times of the day phone free. I know I feel better and have a better attitude when I'm focusing more of my attention on things I love rather than mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds. Thanks for the encouragement to make some real changes.

  15. Good for you! I haven't heard of that app, but it's intriguing. Have a great weekend! XO

  16. I did that percentage check on my phone and Instagram was my 2nd highest usage-eek! I know I could be using that time more wisely. I'm a homeschooling mom so during school time I have my phone on silent and leave it in my bedroom. I had a habit of checking it during school and then I get distracted texting people instead of teaching my kids. Great suggestions for how to kick the phone habit!

  17. These are amazing tips! I downloaded that phone tracking app then my phone flipped out on me and stopped receiving phone calls... I am pretty sure it was a fluke timing thing, but it scared me so I deleted it... I need to try it again. I am sure the two had nothing to do with each other.


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