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Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to the weekend.  It's family movie night around here and we just finished listening to Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban (book 3) this week so we will be watching that for family movie night tonight.  We also will work on the kids bathroom remodel which I will share with y'all soon, we have basketball, dinner with friends, and some lounging on the to do list too.

On Monday, I go to get my adoption physical done.  It's one of the very last things left to do for the home study.  Its no surprise that it is because I am the biggest hypochondriac you will ever meet.  I am always worried they will find some scary disease.  I am going in with a whole lot of prayer that I make it out without needing a paper bag! On that note, lets move on to what's bringing me joy these days!

1.  Favorite Things Party

Recently, I applied to be a Des Moines Moms Blog contributor and was accepted.  On Monday night, we all got together for the first time since a new wave of us contributors came on board. 

We had a favorite things party.  We were each asked to bring 3 of our favorite thing and it had to be under $10.  I brought my favorite Essie Gel Top Coat and Trader Joe's chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels.  

We each put our name  on a piece of paper 3 times and put the pieces of paper in the bowl.  Then, we went around drawing names and giving our 3 gifts to the people whose names we drew.  It was so fun to see what favorite things people brought. 

Pictured above is what I got as gifts.  I got a protein bar, some granola, chocolate with almonds, Aveeno face wipes and more chocolate.  Others gifted Mrs. Meyers dish soap, Mrs. Meryers room spray, journals and favorite ink pens, lip balms, bath salts, slippers, and more.  It made such a fun ladies night in because we all brought yummy appetizers too. 

The best part of the night was hanging out with my blogger friend Becky who is also a contributor!

2.  Friend Time

In the winter months, we can all be cooped up in the house and I can get lonely.  I love connecting online but nothing replaces some good old-fashioned friend time.  I have been having fun inviting friends over for coffee, an impromptu lunch date at Chick Fil-a and taking lunch to a dear friend.  Not to mention, my early morning bible study time with my friend Sarah.  Friendships literally put the wind in my sails.  

3.  The Crown

Scott and I just finished watching the 2nd season of The Crown and if the royal family at all interests you, you need to watch it.  It really humanizes them, it's rich in English and world history and it's just fascinating, albeit sad and frustrating at times.  Now, that we have finished we are going to catch up on This Is Us and resume my weekly cry sessions while Scott hands me Kleenex. 

4.  Hot Water

You guys.  I am like a broken record but one of my January goals was to drink more water and it's been so dang cold this month that I have been consuming more than 50% of my water HOT.   I use my favorite electric tea kettle and Mother's Day mug.  I even wrote an article about different ways I am getting more water into my diet.  You can read it here.

5.  Matching Swimsuits

I couldn't help it, I already scooped up matching tankinis for the girls for spring break.  This might be my last summer where they want to match so I am taking full advantage.  Target has the cutest stuff for spring.  I also spied the cutest shoes as well.  I heart that heart sweatshirt dress, it's great for Valentine's Day but Lucy will wear it all spring.  I pulled some more of my favorites so far!

So there you have it some water, fellowship, matching swimsuits and binge-worthy tv with my favorite sweetheart to round out the month of January favorites.  What are you loving this time of year?

 Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled, purposeful life.  #tribekoko
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