Christmas 2107 Recap

Hey friends!  First of all Happy New Year and second, thank you so much for all your sweet messages about our adoption news.  It was such a hard secret to keep and I still feel like we have a long way to go, but I have been praying about adoption for 2 years this month.  So, thank you for your prayers and encouragement, it truly keeps us keeping on! #tribekoko

It's been a bit since last we met, so I thought I would start out 2018 with a little Christmas recap!  Let's start back on Wednesday, December 20th!

For the 2nd year in a row, we went to the "Christmas Eve before you leave" service at my inlaws church.  They reenact the nativity story complete with a real baby and in between each scene we sing traditional Christmas carols.  We then headed home to gear up for one last day of school!

On Thursday, I helped out at the kids class parties.  I was in charge of games for Solon's party so I did a bunch of snowball games (detailed in this postt\) and the kids had fun!  Then, we headed over to the Porter's house for cookie decorating.  Their power went out for about an hour so we decorated in the dark!  Scott brought over KFC and we all enjoyed a framily dinner before the Christmas chaos began!

I have no pictures of Friday but we baked puppy chow and peanut butter balls while Scott worked in the morning and then we watched a movie in the afternoon before meeting Scott's brother's family and my inlaws for a drive thru Christmas light display that evening!

On Christmas Adam (December 23rd), we headed to my inlaws to decorate gingerbread houses.   All the kids were super into it this year and my mother-in-law handed out awards for each house.  Solon got "most sports-inspired", Vera got "most detailed" and Lucy got "most covered"!  We spent the rest of the day playing games and eating #typical.

On Christmas Eve, we woke up to snow!  We were all so excited since it wasn't forecasted!  After breakfast we got to work on making chocolate chip cookies.  Solon wrote Santa a letter and when his elf wrote him back, he said Santa's favorite cookie was chocolate chip so we had to make some ;).  We tried something new and dyed half the batter red and half the batter green for more festive cookies!

Then we headed outside to play.  4 out of the 5 of us were so happy!  Some of us will learn to love playing in snow ;)!  We made snow angels, shoveled and sledded in the back yard.  The snow wasn't good for snowballs or snowmen but we all had fun!

We warmed up with a family room picnic and Santa Clause 2 before we got ready for church!  We were having Scott's family over for appetizers and a few presents following church!

The kids went shopping with Nana this year for Scott's and my presents and they each got something for each other.  It might be my favorite tradition.  They were SO excited to gift everyone what they got them.  Solon and Vera both made their gifts for Lucy.  With Nana's help Solon sewed Lucy a Trolls blanket and Vera made her a Trolls mini pillow.  Lucy was thrilled.

We finished Christmas Eve with the traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas" and Luke 2: The Nativity Story before setting out our cookies for Santa and spreading our reindeer food.

We woke up the next morning at 7am.  Although, I am pretty sure our older two were up well before that, we had to wake Lucy from a dead sleep!

After all the presents, we made some fun reindeer and snowman doughnuts for the kids and I rewarmed my quiche I made ahead and we enjoyed hanging out and playing in our pajamas for day.

Christmas night, Scott's sister's family came from MN and we all went to my inlaws for dinner and presents.  The kids opened theirs first and then the adults exchanged gifts.

Scott's sister's family stayed with us so on the 26th we hung out all day and I ended up taking Vera in for an ear infection so the rest of the crew went bowling and we met up with them for the tail end and then had pizza together before calling it a night!

The rest of our time we went to see The Star, ate out, played at Nana and Papa's house, andplayed in more new snow.  The ladies did some post-Christmas sale shopping, and we went swimming at a hotel.  We all had a lot of fun together.

On December 29th, we got up early and headed to MN to see my parents for Christmas.  By then it had turned VERY cold so our fun lake plans were kind of altered.  My Dad and Scott still cleared the lake for a hockey game.  My Dad and I beat my boys in the first game ;).  We also took a drive around the lake on the ice which is always fun.  It's crazy there is a whole city of fish houses out there in the winter.

We also checked to see how thick the ice is, it was 14 inches thick.  With this weather, it should get even thicker still!

The rest of the time we hung out, ate, played games and played with the kids' new toys they received. They really loved the diner set my mom got them so we played diner A LOT ;).

Lucy was so excited to be promoted to the bunk room at the lake.  My sister is expecting a baby so the bedroom is reserved for parents with infants so Lucy is getting promoted.  She was thrilled, the big kids said she talked their ear off before bed.  HA!

We were supposed to hang out with the Porter's on New Years but we were pretty run down and Solon had a sore throat so we opted to reschedule and hang out at home.  We watched Home Alone 2, did a Netflix countdown and we were all in bed well before midnight.

Scott and I met on New Years 17 years ago and we laughed as we were drinking hot tea in our pajamas at 9pm!  Life is funny but so good.  We were reminiscing about all God has done in our lives.  Never would we have guessed, 17 years later we would be more in love, have 3 kids and adopting another one this year.

New Years day we took down the Christmas decor, the boys watched football and us girls put together my dollhouse from when I was a girl.  It's on loan from my parents for now ;)!  We all had fun putting all the furniture away!

 The kids had one more day of break so we had the Porter's over since we didn't see them on New Years.  We had lunch and the kids played before we parted ways for naps and a restful afternoon before the hustle and bustle of routine was back!

We had a great break.  We majorly unplugged, slept, played games, ate, and ate some more.  My pants don't lie.  Smoothie diet coming up ;).  We filled our love tanks and are ready to go into 2018 expectant at what lays ahead!  I sure hope you all had a great Christmas full of love and memories.

Tomorrow, I will be back with a link to my first blog post for the Des Moines Moms Blog!  I am so excited to be a monthly contributor and tomorrow's post is all about organizing toys.  I am sure I am not the only one with organizing on the brain ;).  Pop back tomorrow to read!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko
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