Baby Registry Favorites

You might be checking the title twice because our youngest is rounding into her 3rd birthday and we won't be adopting an infant so why am I talking about baby stuff?  

Well, my sister is making me an Auntie #allthepraisehands.  She asked me what I would recommend she add to her registry.  I remember being so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of options for diapers let alone everything else.  So, of course I was happy to help.

So I compiled a list for her and thought it would be fun to share with you too because you want to buy right the first time (unlike my 8 stroller purchases, yes 8).  These items are ones I would buy over and over again, tell everyone about and buy for others because they saved my sanity and they have worked hard for our family. 

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1.  Diaper Bag

My favorite is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel.  It is both a throw over your shoulder bag or backpack.  It's not too bulky and has side pockets for your sippy cups or bottles.  It also can be affixed to a stroller with these clips.  It has tons of interior pockets and comes with the diaper changing pad and wipes case.  I still have mine and use it for all of our trips.

2.  Baby Carrier

I had a baby Bjorn with my first two kids and it worked fine but I bought a used Ergo carrier with Lucy.  We still use the carrier and now Lucy rides on the back.  We use it when we go hiking as a family, walking to and from football games or boarding an airplane when carrying her in our arms is impractical.  It has an infant insert for those days when baby just wants to be close but you need to get something done.

3.  Infant Carseat

We loved the Chicco key fit 30.  We had one with our oldest two kids but it expired before Lucy was born.  We checked out lots of other options but we loved it so we bought it again. It's easy to install in seconds, has a nice large sunshade and easily clicks into place.  It holds children up to 30 lbs and has an adaptor to be used with our City Select stroller.

4.  Baby Toys

Our favorite baby toy brand is O Ball.  Our babies loved the little openings they could grasp with their tiny hands.  There are lots of options and they make great baby gifts.  This one, this one and this one were fan favorites.  I saved them for guests.  Our kids all time favorite toy is the ball popper.  Our kids would still play with this if its out.  It's currently expensive for some reason but this one  would be a close comparison.

5.  Baby Essentials

Pacifiers -- We used Avent pacifiers with our son and Mam brand with our daughters.  We loved them both.  The Mam brand are slightly less expensive and a bit easier to find at stores if you need to replace them in pinch (it happens). Just remember pacifiers do have sizes so make sure you get the correct size when you are purchasing them.

Sippy Cups --  Sippy cups can come with so many parts that are hard to take apart and attract mold.  These First Years sippy cups are our favorite because they have no removable parts (you will appreciate that I promise).  Each of our kids has one of these water bottles now and I just wash it daily.

Diaper Cream --  Just get Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  It's the best, it's creamy, it protects and heals.  Just don't leave it in your diaper bag when traveling because they will confiscate it at security.  #truestory

Diapers --  Hands down our favorite diapers are from Aldi.  I tried them all.  When my babies were brand new, I used Pamper's Swaddlers and then switched to Aldi Brand and love them.  They are about $12 for a big box which is a 1/3 of of the cost.  We also use the Aldi wipes!

6.  Stroller

Oh my goodness do I have stroller regret.  8 Strollers later I wish someone had told me about our City Select Stroller from the start.  If you think you are having more than one child, get a stroller that can convert into a double stroller.

You might have sticker shock at the cost but trust me you will save money if you just buy one stroller that can do all the things as opposed to having a single stroller, double stroller, sit n'stand stroller and the list goes on and on.

Our stroller has a glider board that we still use for older kids to stand behind and ride.  We also love the Britax stroller caddy and  these stroller hooks.

7.  Zippered Pajamas

When you have an infant you will be changing their diaper at all hours of the day.  You will be tired and you will mess up snaps on the pajamas #ithappenedtome.  Zippered pajamas are a must for sleep-deprived diaper changing sessions.  Just skip the snapped pajamas!

8.  Rock N'Play

The Rock N'Play is hands down my FAVORITE baby product of all time.  We had babies with reflux and they slept in this for both naps and bedtime until around 4 months old.  It kept them elevated and snuggled in which my babies loved.  The newer models now provide vibration and soothing noises.  It's portable and lightweight so you can move it around the house or take on trips.  You need one.  

9.  A comfy Glider Recliner

From feeding sessions to story time, you need a comfy, cozy chair for your nursery.  Keep it neutral and you can move it to another part of your house when your child gets older.  We still have ours in our 2 year old daughter's room and use it daily for before nap and bedtime reading sessions.  We got ours at a local furniture store but they have lots of options online like this one and this one.

So there you have it, my all time favorite baby registry essentials.  Share this with those that are in the middle of creating a registry along with your favorites.  I can be overwhelming to pick the right things for your precious baby but a good, tried and true recommendation goes a long way!

What are your hands down, buy over and over again, tell everyone about, favorite baby essentials?

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled, intentional life.  #tribekoko

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**This post contains affiliate links