What's Up January...

In some ways January seemed to fly by in a flash but we packed a lot into the first month of 2018.  Today, I am recapping what we ate, what we did, what we loved, what we watched and the memories we made.

In case you missed it, I was featured on my friend Johannah's blog for her Meet and Greet Tuesday series.  Check it out here . If you ever wanted to know why this space is called Perfectly Port Family you need to head over to read.  I also mention French fries more than once.  

So, let's recap this first month of the year.  I love reflecting back because I can pause to be thankful, celebrate accomplishments and just take a moment to breathe before hopping into the next month.  So here we go...

What we ate this month --

Super Nacho Dip
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Roast, rice and gravy
Chicken tacos
chicken tender salads
chicken stuffing bake
walking tacos
Italian Chicken bake
Baked Pesto Turkey Sandwich
Lasagna (frozen from the store)
BBQ Meatballs and AuGratin Potatoes
Chicken Thai Noodles
Lunchmeat sandwiches
Sheet-pan chicken dinner (pictured below)

What I'm Reminiscing About --

Our Seattle Trip  
Days 1-3 Recap
Days 4-7 Recap

Christmas 2017 Recap

What I'm loving in January --

One on One Time with our Big Kids!  Vera has been helping Scott with our bathroom project.  He has taught her how to do lots of things and she has been eating all that dad time up!   Meanwhile, Solon and I enjoyed a date at the ISU basketball game.  We loved it so much we are gifting our big kids with dates with each of us for Valentine's Day.  I'll be sure to share what dates we decide on.

What we've been up to -- 

We have all been rearranging the furniture.  I love to rearrange so I moved the family room furniture around for a new look and the next thing I knew Lucy was rearranging too.

We have been spending our Saturdays cheering on our favorite basketball player and coach -- Solon and Scott.  

We have visited the library and Lucy's favorite day of the week is still story time!

We played outside when the weather felt like spring and finally got to put the electric scooter to use.

We made homemade pizzas!

We played in the snow!

We cheered on our favorite teams, in Solon's order 1-Seahawks, 2-Steelers and 3-Vikings!

We had friends over for dinner for a taco bar!

We fell asleep cuddling during movie nights at home.

We enjoyed a snow day and staying in our pajamas all day.

We took a few long winter's naps!

We had a few playdates with friends.

We all had dentist appointments and Lucy rocked her first appointment like a champ!

We made some post-Christmas returns and did a little window shopping.

We had fun family date days.

We enjoyed the beauty of winter including several sun dogs.

We crafted and wrote thank you notes from Christmas.

We played a lot and we brought home my dollhouse from when I was a child to enjoy!

What I'm Dreading --

We found out last month that Vera has some genetic teeth conditions that will need some extensive work.  We were caught off guard so now that we have recovered, she will undergo her first procedure in February.  Prayers she tolerates it would be appreciated. Solon also goes back in for an eye appointment to check on his eye condition.  I missed his last appointment and got scolded so I am making Scott take him next week.  Prayers that his condition is still stable.

Scott always reminds me that both kids have very treatable conditions and we are so thankful for that but as a momma it's so hard to see your children suffer through things and I just wish I could bare the pain for them.

What I'm Working On --

In January I worked on getting more water in my diet and shared 6 ways I am making it happen.

I also am working on being intentional with my phone usage and shared 5 tips to help curb the habit.

I worked on setting goals and shared 5 questions I ask myself when goal setting and then shared my January Goals here.

What I'm excited about -- 

We completed all of the paperwork, visits and required training necessary for our home study.  Our social worker is busily writing it up and we hope to have that submitted and move on to filing for our 1-800A in February.  Fingers crossed.  The I-800A is the preliminary immigration paperwork that will pre-qualify our child to immigrate to this country.  I owe you an adoption update soon.

What I'm watching and reading -- 

Scott and I finished watching the 2nd season of The Crown.  We then watched a lot of training modules on adoption and now that we are finished we hope to catch up on This Is Us.  I sort of am watching The Bachelor but I have been so busy with other things, I am behind on that too.

Currently on my nightstand --

Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo
Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner
Intentional Living by John Maxwell
Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley
A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

What I'm listening to --

I have been binge listening to The Business Boutique podcast with Christy Wright.  If you have business aspirations and goals, she is full of excellent wisdom and encouragement to take the next right step in your business.  

I also have been listening to the top christian music, thanks to Alexa as well as songs like It's Raining Tacos, Gummy, Sunshine in my Pocket and Space Unicorn.  #kids #nightlydanceparty

What I'm Wearing --

cardigan | similar jeans

similar shirt | boots | similar jeans | similar cardigan

I have been living in my chunky cardigans, pajama pants and Ugg slippers when I am at home.  I also cleaned out my closet in January and pulled some things I either need to wear or get rid of.  The above two outfits were on the chopping block but I wore them and loved them.  

I love cleaning out because I find things I forgot about that I want to wear again and some things that need to go so there's breathing room in my closet.

What I'm doing this weekend--

Finishing the kids bathroom redo
Meeting up with a dear friend for shopping and dinner out  
Leading worship at church  
Hosting a super bowl party for our neighbors and friends

What I'm looking forward to next month --

My sister's baby shower
Subsequently, my whole family will be together
A road trip with our cousins to see Great-Grandma
A fun date night out
A few fun parties and plans with friends
Officially completing our home study

What else is new --

I am speaking to a MOPS group on Thursday about Intentional Marriage and I decided to also do a webinar on the subject on Tuesday, February 12th just in time for Valentine's Day.  In conjunction, with the webinar I will be hosting a 5 day intentional marriage challenge with my email subscribers. If you want to participate in the challenge or attend the webinar, you can sign up for my email list here.  I hope its an encouragement to all of us as we tend to our marriage relationships.

Next week, I will be sharing all things Valentine's Day.  I am all about sharing the love with my family and celebrating our family that day so I have lots of simple ways to celebrate!

In case you missed it --

I shared a few of my favorites for the month of January here as well as my top baby registry must haves since I am in the thick of giving advice to my younger sister and soon to be mom!  

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled Intentional life.  #tribekoko

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