January 2018 Goals

On Friday, I shared my tips of how I wrap my mind around resolutions and goals AND find success.  I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that 50% Americans make New Years Resolutions (my husband being in the 50% that does not) but only 15% find success.  I want to find success and I know you do to, so that means we need to make realistic, timely goals that we can actually measure our success against.

Now, I realize it's January 15th which means we are halfway through the month but I am not about to rush into making goals for the sake of it.  I really wanted to think about 2018.  What will it look like? what do we anticipate coming down the pike?  What are my priorities are this year?

So with that said, a word kept coming to mind for this year -- CHANGE.  Not only, do we anticipate our adoption, but we anticipate changes in our church family, changes in our couples bible study, and new additions to our extended family, not to mention the changes we can't anticipate.  I just sense this year will be full of change.

Change isn't always easy but I know one of the best antidotes is gratitude.  I want to cultivate a grateful heart in 2018. 


In addition, to a grateful heart I brainstormed my priorities. Here they are in no particular order: self, marriage, faith, family, adoption, home (which I added after the photo) and work.  

Once, I established my priorities I wrote out all the things I hope to do in those areas.  At this point, I wasn't goal setting but still just brainstorming and thinking about this year.  I ended up with a full sheet of paper.

From there, I thought about some of my big goals and how I can break down into smaller recurring monthly goals (like I mentioned on Friday).  Things like reading the Old Testament books I have yet to read can be broken down as well as blog income and growing my social media platforms.  

So what did I pick to start out the year?

January Personal Goals

January Work Goals

I am excited to see how these goals will lead to where I want to go in 2018 but I think they are realistic and I can measure my success at the end of this month.  I put them both in a note file on my phone and right above my planner on my desk so I can see them daily!  I also made a little phone wallpaper with canva (using the custom dimensions option of 640 pixels height by 320 pixels wide) to remind me of my overall goal this year.

What are you working on this month?  I have so much I hope to accomplish this year but one step at a time.  I have planned out my direction, so I will know where to head!  Let's hold each other accountable and keep on keeping on toward achieving our goals together! #tribekoko

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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