6 Simple Ways To Drink More Water

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Drinking water is important.  We all know it.  I am not a nutrition expert but you don't have to look too hard to find an article telling us to drink more water. However, with so many other delicious beverage options,  I am looking at you fountain soda, coffee and hot tea, it's hard to make yourself drink water, let alone want to.  Tell me I am not alone?

I know it benefits my skin by making it less day and more youthful (yes please), aids in digestion, helps me to feel full and curb those cravings, and detoxifies my body helping me to remain more healthy. Popular theory suggests you should drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water a day but who actually owns an 8 oz glass.  Mine are like 16 oz I think although I have never tested them.

Another popular theory is to take your body weight and times it by 2/3.  Then drink that amount in ounces.  So, for me I should drink 100 oz of water a day (you can do the math to see how much I weigh ;).  More water is not bad for you so any where between 64-100 oz of water a day would be a good goal.  What's your goal?

Now that I know how much I need to drink in a day, I have a couple of simple ways I have been intentional about my water intake.  With any new habit, you have to keep doing it intentionally for a while so don't give up and give yourself grace...grace is good!

1.  Drink a glass of water right away in the morning and right before bed

Studies show that drinking a lukewarm glass of water right away in the morning helps to "prime your engines" and get your body ready to perform it's best for the day.  So, even before my morning cup of decaf (because you know I was a glutton for punishment and gave up caffeinated coffee too), I drink a cup of water.

If your bladder can sustain it (and kids do a number to us, so I understand if it can't), drink another glass of water before bed.  There are also many, many studies on the health benefits of doing this.

2.  Drink out of a straw

I tend to drink way more water when I drink out of a straw, maybe it's years of drinking my beloved fountain soda.  Find yourself a good glass (this is mine) with a straw and fill it up. Also, measure how many ounces it holds, so you know how much you are drinking.

3.  Add some flavor

My favorite way to drink cold water is with some lime juice.  I keep a bottle of 100% lime juice in my fridge and add a few drops to iced water.  You can also find infusion water bottles that allow you to add cucumbers, berries and citrus fruits to add a little flavor.  (Did you know you can find lime juice on Amazon)

4.  Drink Hot Water

Last year, I stopped putting my tea bag in my hot water.  Now, I prefer drinking hot water at night and all day long in the winter to warm me up.  If I want a little flavor, I keep a bottle of 100% lemon juice in the fridge and add a few drops.  Lemon water is so good for you!  Here is a great article on the health benefits of drinking hot water.  Drinking hot water might make me an old lady but I am a healthy old lady.

5.  Always Order Water

It's always my inclination to treat myself to a soda when we go out to eat but not only will you save money but you will increase your water intake by switching your usual beverage of choice with water.  You can always ask for a lime or lemon to add!

6.  Keep Water with You

It never fails, you get thirsty when you are out running errands or when you are working at your desk.  Get in the habit of taking your favorite straw water bottle or sports bottle with you wherever you go.  The more opportunity you have to drink it, the more you will.

Did drinking more water make your New Years goals?  How are you being intentional about getting more water into your diet?  You can watch my Facebook Live video sharing how I get more water in my diet here.

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled Intentional life.  #tribekoko

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**This post contains affiliate links

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