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It's time for our 2nd year of 10 on the 10th monthly link-up.  Thank you for all weighing in on the topics, you had great ideas and this should be a fun year linking up together!  Today's topic is all about US and the random facts that make each one of us special and unique!  I love learning about other people so I cannot wait to read all your posts!

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So here we go, 10 random facts about me...

1.  I learned how to ski in gym class.

We lived in Switzerland when I was in elementary school and on Friday's we would go skiing in the Swiss alps for gym class.  They gave us lessons and everything.  I am so thankful for that opportunity that I totally took for granted as a kid.  We have taken our kids a couple of times but the one downside to living in Iowa is it is SUPER flat so we have to go on vacation to ski!  

2.  I fan girl about random things.

So I am not into Hollywood and movie stars (see random fact #3).   I was probably the only one that didn't watch the Golden Globes the other night.  I mean if I met a star it would be cool but I wouldn't go crazy.  Now, if I met one of my favorite bloggers or a member of the British Royal Family I would totally fan girl.  I love the British Royal Family!  

3.  I am not a movie person.

I have never been a big movie buff.  I watch them for family movie nights with the kids but the only time of year I ever willingly choose to watch a movie by myself is at Christmas.  There are not too many movies I have to see at the movie theater or rent at home.

4.  I love to travel with my family.

If you have followed along here for any length of time you know we love to travel.  Growing up all over the place instilled in me a sense of curiosity and adventure.  Our kids have totally caught the travel bug too and they are always asking where we are going next.  We have family all over the USA so thankfully we like to travel.

5.  I love Mexican food (Margaritas included).

If there was one food genre I would have to eat the rest of my life,  Mexican food would be it.  It would be followed closely by fountain soda and Mc Donald's french fries (no imitations will do).  I love margaritas on the rocks with salt, chips, guac and salsa, chimichangas, fajitas, and the list could go on and on.  Our kids love Mexican food too!  White queso is a family favorite!

6.  I am a rule follower.

Rule breakers, therefore, stress me out.  I like to follow the rules and avoid trouble at all cost.  I also don't like confrontation so generally following the rules helps with that.  Therefore, when I see a cop my heart skips a beat because I don't want to get in trouble even if I am sitting at a stop light.  

7.  I wanted to change my name to Kerin as a kid.

This makes me laugh but I hated my name could be either a boy name or a girl name as a kid.  So, I got the idea I could change my name to Kerin simply by adding a K.  When my mom told me how much work would go into legally changing my name (yes I was serious), I decided Erin would do!

8. I got a perm in college.

It might be THE WORST decision of my life and I have made lots of mistakes.  I was dating my husband at the time and how he survived that era is beyond me.  My family affectionately called it my "poodle" look.  Those pictures still haunt me.  I will spare you the picture evidence although my family would be happy to indulge you!

9. I love to drink hot water.

This recently came up on Insta-Stories!  I took a poll to see if drinking hot water made me an old lady and 51% of you said yes! It warms me up and is a great way for me to get more water into my diet so I will own my old lady status.  A friend sent me this article about the benefits of drinking hot water.  It's going to be a trend soon and then you can call me a trendsetter ;).

10. My favorite number is 4.

I like the symmetry and fairness of 4.  This year I will have 4 children hopefully and that just makes my heart so happy.  4 is a very good number, indeed.  Read more about our adoption announcement here.

So, please tell me I am not the only one who made a perm mistake.  What's your favorite number?  Do you love the royal family?  What do we have in common?  Share a few facts about yourself in the comments if you didn't link-up, I would love to get to know you better!  If you did blog, grab the graphic below, link up and then comment on some other blogger's posts.

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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