A Very Fun Almost Christmas Weekend

This weekend was fun and maybe my favorite weekend so far this year and we have had some good ones but it was filled with lots of laughter #myfavorite, lots of fun, some down time, and a whole lot of Christmas goodness!  Just thinking about it makes me happy.  

The funny thing is I didn't have any big expectations for the weekend and decided to totally unplug.  I deleted most of the apps, including all social media, on my phone which is harder said than done for me!  By the end of the weekend, I was grabbing for my phone a whole lot less.  #goodexercise  So, let me recap our weekend!

Little Red Riding Hood and I headed to story time on Friday morning with our dear friends.  Following, they got to try out some homemade snow but Lucy was not a fan of getting her hands dirty so we opted for puzzles and trains instead.

After the library we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things and left with a few more things that we didn't know we needed ;).  We made it home in time to meet my cousin and grandparents and head to a little early Christmas lunch before they all head other places for Christmas.

After lunch, my cousin headed home with us and we introduced her to Scotts' favorite Christmas movie, "Its a Wonderful Life".    She made us her famous Southeast Texas gumbo for dinner and we enjoyed family movie night watching Home Alone!

Saturday morning we were lazy before the kids headed out with their Nana to do a little shopping for us.  They each had a little spending money and came home with wrapped presents they can't wait to give us.  While they were gone, Madelynne, Lucy and I got to work baking in the kitchen.

We made Scotcharoos and 2 batches of puppy chow before we called it quits for lunch.  The kids arrived home and so we started round 2 of baking some peanut butter star cookies and caramel corn.  While they were all baking, we actually won a game of Oregon Train and taught Madelynne how to play Qwixx before settling in to watch Elf.

Then, Saturday night we headed over to our dearest friends house for our annual "Framily Christmas".  Years ago, we introduced them to our love of raclette and now every year we get together to eat a "fancy" meal, exchange gifts and play games!  We all had so much fun and went to bed way past our bedtimes!

Ring the Moose Antlers Game

Then, Sunday we took Madelynne to the airport so she could head home for Christmas and went to church.  Then we came home and got ready to host our annual church small group "Friends-mas".  Everyone brought something to share, there was no shortage of delicious food.

We did an adult white elephant gift exchange and laughed so hard playing the game "Never Have I Ever".  You say something you have never done and then everyone who has done that thing gets up and tries to find a new seat.  The last person standing has to say something they have never done.  It's very g-rated but a hoot what you learn about people ;).  The kids told us we were being too loud and they couldn't hear their movie in the basement - ha!

Then, we invited the kids up to play a couple rounds of bingo and make reindeer food before we all took some group photos before parting ways.

These last two photos sum up our group to a "T".  We love to laugh and live life together.  We have been through the best of times and the hardest of times with these folks and have grown deep relationships with them all.  Clearly, they don't like to have fun at all ;).

And yes they dropped me but I am no worse for the wear.  We had a good cry-laugh out of it :).   The guys headed off to basketball league after we cleaned up and the kids and I chilled on the couch watching Solon's beloved Seahawks and the Steelers before cozying up in pajamas and watching Trolls Holiday before bed.

These sorts of weekends just are the best of life - good company, good food, good fun.  I am so thankful for it all.  We are looking forward to all the fun with both our families this Christmas.  I don't know if I will have them attempt to hold me ;).  I hope you have a great Monday!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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