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Welcome Home | Christmas Home Tour 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
There is no time I love to decorate our home more than at Christmas.  My mom was the master decorator and the Queen of Christmas, so growing up, our home was always magical at Christmas.  I couldn't wait for the opportunity to dress up my home for Christmas and love doing it every year EVEN if it looks like I puked totes before I finish.  Anyone else?

I have shared before one of my "would like to haves" was a 2 story entry so I could decorate it just like my mom did when I was a child!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to do that.  So, come on in and let me show you around.   If you want a peak into our home last year, click here.

I have always wanted to have wreaths on each of the windows.  Every year I add a little something to our outdoor decor.  This year, I added battery operated lights to the wreaths on the 2 little window wreaths.  I am thinking next year I might add one more bush into the lights and some more battery powered lights for the garage wreaths.

My mom taught me how to make a wreath, the bow and add "picks" (those things in the bins at Michael's with a stick on the end).  Every year, I fix and fluff the wreaths.  It's a hot glue project so I can totally handle it.  If you have ever wanted to make your own bow, Youtube offers great tutorials!

The sled is actually my grandparents' sled they gifted me and my dad used it when he was a little boy.    My mom handed down the door garland to me and gifted us the little snowman on the porch.

Like I said, I love decorating our staircase with garland.  I actually put two lit garland strands together to make it more substantial and then use zip ties to secure it to the staircase.  Every morning, I turn it on and it truly makes me so happy!

I am always curious how other people decorate.  Do you take down your normal decor to replace it with Christmas decor? Do you add in?  I do a little bit of both.  I took down about one tote's worth of decor, mostly fake plants to add in some Christmas decor with my other existing items.  I love having some holiday decor in my office to add to my shelves.

There is nothing I love more than sitting in our family room and watching TV by the glow of our fireplace garland (handed down to me by my mom) and Christmas tree.

I store the kids seasonal toys on one of the bookshelves.  The little people nativity, indoor snowballs and all sorts of Santa hats and other little toys.

Growing up, both Scott and I received ornaments every year.  My mom carries on the tradition with my kids and gets them each a gift based on their interests for that year.  This year Solon got a Seattle Seahawk helmet, Vera got a zebra and Lucy got Poppy the troll.  She also gifted us with a very meaningful ornament this year (more on that another time).  

The kids love putting on their ornaments.  We also get an ornament from the places we have traveled so its fun to reminisce about the different memories we have made as a family.  This year we added a Seattle ornament to our tree.

Growing up we always had these candle nativities that went round and round.  We have 3 but I just got out two this year, little hands love to play with them, so we enjoy looking at them on a shelf during this season of life.  We do light them on occasion too.

 My mom gifted me this nativity when we first got married.  It has stood the test of time with little hands moving the different characters around.  This year she gifted us the angel (it's not Willow Tree) to add to our set.

We love getting Christmas cards and this year, we decided to try something new and affix them to our pantry door.  We love looking at them all season long.  Then at the end of the season, we pop a hole in the corner, string them on to a ring  and place them in a basket to enjoy all year long.

I like to add a few seasonal touches to our bathrooms, bedrooms and mudroom.  I cannot get enough greenery this time of year.

My mom is a needlepoint artist so she gifted us a couple of pieces as well as a few pillows that we display lovingly.

Our backdoor is where we keep our 25 days of activities advent.  The kids love coming to peek inside to see what our little activity is everyday.  If you are on my email list, then you got my free printable. If you would like it, just sign up for my email subscription (here).

I love turning on the greenery at night in our bedroom and just enjoy the twinkling lights as I relax before bed.

The kids each have a little tree in their rooms and this year I put all the Christmas books in Lucy's room in a basket.  It seems we do most of our reading upstairs and Lucy does twice the amount of reading since we do it before nap and bedtime.  Our books are getting more use being upstairs this year.  

So there you have it, a peak into our home this year.  I am so thankful for the roof over my head and the opportunity to dress it up for the season.  We love inviting people into our home and enjoying the wonder of the season together.  Merry Christmas!

PS -- If you are looking for all the Christmas movies and shows on TV, this website has all the listings!  Bookmark for all those cozy family movie nights in!  I also created this little graphic too!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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19 comments on "Welcome Home | Christmas Home Tour 2017"
  1. Your home looks so beautiful! I take down a lot of my usual decor when I decorate for Christmas. I can't stand having too much clutter on my shelves and mantles. Happy Holidays!

  2. Your house is beautifully decorated. I love that Willow Tree nativity. It’s my favorite!!! :)

  3. Wonderful job decorating your home! I especially love your outdoor setup and that sled, so special!! :)

  4. I love love love all the greenery! It is so beautiful!

  5. Your home is beautiful as always!!!!

  6. I love all of your garland...so festive! Your home is really cozy and inviting!

  7. Everything is just perfect, Erin! You have a beautiful home! And fun fact, we have that same nativity and we received ours the same year we were married as well since we were married in December. How fun!

  8. Your home is beautiful at Christmas! I think my favorite parts are all of your pretty garlands. We also got that Willow Tree nativity for a wedding gift. I love putting it out every year.

  9. I love all the garlands around your house! That's a great idea to have a seasonal toy bin for the kids. Thanks for the tour :)

  10. Erin, everything is perfectly lovely! I love your fireplace mantle and your bed. I remember the days when I decorated pretty much the entire house. No more though. I've grown weary of all the work it entails and I don't put any of my regular decor up, I just work the little Cmas decor I have in with the regular. Your home looks so warm and inviting

  11. You have such a beautiful home and I love how you decorate it for Christmas! I use to just decorate around my other decor but finally wised up and took some down to put fun, holiday stuff up. If I didn't do that, I felt like I wasn't putting up as much decor as I wanted.

  12. For Christmas, I'm asking Santa to send you and your mom to my house to beautify it for Christmas! Everything is just lovely!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your staircase!! It's my favorite along with all the greenery here and there...I just love that warm, festive touch throughout your home!

  13. So beautiful, erin, as usual! I like your 25 activities calendar! Fun!

  14. You have a beautiful home! I love every nook and cranny.

  15. Your home is so beautiful! I love the wreaths on each window. I definitely need to watch some YouTube videos on bow-making. I stink at it! I do a little of both as well…take down some of my normal décor and mix in Christmas décor. I always joke that my house looks so bare and boring after Christmas. That Willow Tree nativity is on my wish list! It’s so beautiful. All of your décor is gorgeous and makes my heart so happy!!

  16. Love your Christmas décor! And it's so great that you were able to incorporate your dad's childhood sled and the decorations that your mom gave you. Happy Holidays!

  17. I love all your Christmas touches throughout the house. I spied your Caroler's. Love those. We have a family of four to "match" our family. Merry Christmas!


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