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It's officially Christmas time and we are checking our lists twice, our minds are starting to go to mush (or it's just mine?) and I am looking for those good, tried and true gifts.  My emotional side wants the "wow factor" on Christmas morning while my practical side doesn't want a ton of toys collecting dust by New Years Day!  These toys are favorites and worth the investment, most are quite affordable, and played with all the time around here.

1.  Doll Stroller with Basket

The basket is critical for little people to place all their treasures in while strolling around.  This stroller is perfect for toddlers because it isn't too tall and comparable to an umbrella stroller size but WITH the basket.

2.  Walkie Talkies

We have learned the hard way to buy "real" walkie talkies.  We bought a few sets of kids walkie talkies and they just don't work.  Our batteries corroded in our last real set but they were my parents and lasted over 15 years so Solon is asking for another set this Christmas.

3.  Snap Circuit Sets

There are a ton of different sets.  My son got this RC rover that when snapped in certain ways will discharge disks with the push of a button.  It's a great STEM toy!  A friend said they lost a piece and tried to order a replacement and the company mailed them a new one for free so they have great customer service too!  We started with this junior set.

4.  Baby Stella

Lucy takes Stella everywhere, normally naked!  She is the perfect size for little hands and has all sorts of accessories you can purchase to go with her.  Lucy's favorite part is her magnetic pacifier!  Find all sorts of cute Stella items here.

5.  Magna-Tiles

I will save our set for our grandkids.  They are so versatile and truly are a toy so many different ages love to play with.  I was apprehensive due to the price but they truly are one of the most played with toys by all of our kids.  Find magna-tile sets here.

6.  Art Cart

I wrote about how I made my daughter an art cart (click here).  SFind the art cart here.

he uses it daily and they are such a great affordable way to both organize and promote art in your home.  Add in some art supplies and it would be a darling gift by your tree this Christmas.

7.  Travel Battery Operated Train

My son still will get out his wooden train tracks and now loves this type of train because it pulls the train around the track with a push of a button!

8.  Ninja Line

Our best friends own this ninja set and it's a fan favorite by all the kids.  You need to have trees to tie this to but the kids love having their own Ninja warrior course in their backyard.  Our other friends have the zip line and love it too!

9.  Calico Critters

My girls play with their Calico Critters for hours.  I love things like this where we can add to the set for different holidays.  This year the girls have a little house on their set but we have the house boat, car and camper as well as a few Critter families.  There are small pieces so just an FYI.

In Case you are on the hunt for some great games, I shared 15 of our favorite family friendly games (click here).  I also shared 16 of our favorite books (click here)!  I love a good recommendation, do you have any?

This year we are including a pair of slippers, a book,  and a game along with their toys!  My kids are getting this, this and this as their big gifts.  Yay for some Black Friday deals!  What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? Do you have any favorite tried and true toys at your house?

PS -- If you are looking for all the Christmas movies and shows on TV, this website has all the listings!  Bookmark for all those cozy family movie nights in!

Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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