Halloween 2017

It was a very chilly and windy Halloween 2017.  Actually, around here we trick or treat on October 30th.  Back in the 1930's there was a lot of vandalism associated with Halloween so the powers that be at the time moved trick or treat to the night before for safety.  Apparently, all these years later it has stuck.

The other local tradition is that you have to tell a joke to earn your candy.  The tradition is slowly fading but Solon actually  told this joke this year...

Why did the tv cross the road?  
To become a FLAT screen

Most of our neighbors travel around with their kids and leave a bowl of candy on their porch and very rarely does someone come along and take it all which is nice.  My mom always comes down and enjoys handing out our candy for us.

My kids always pick out what they want and this year was no different.  Vera is obsessed with emojis so when I found her costume at TJ Maxx she was thrilled.  Solon aspires to be like his reffing dad so he was pumped when my mom found his costume and Lucy is obsessed with Poppy the troll so were all stoked when she wore the wig last night.  The cutest little troll there was #squish.

Lucy and I made it about halfway down our street before she got tired of getting hit by my French fry costume with the gale-forced wins and we were both pretty cold.  The kids didn't last much longer but they come home with their treat bags FULL.

Once we checked out our goods and sampled a bit, we loaded Poppy and the others into the car and headed over to trick or treat at Nana and Papa's cul-de-sac.

When we got home Poppy had to share a little candy with her best friend Poppy ;).  Lucy LOVES Poppy and I love that she wore the wig!

Our friends stopped over to trick or treat and the kids had fun checking out each other's costumes and running around hopped up on sugar.

We enjoyed our annual spooky supper featuring --

Blood & Guts - Lasagna
Crunchy Fingers - Garlic breadsticks
Goblin Eyes - grapes
Ghost Pee - water
Witch Hats - fudge striped cookies with a little frosting to attach a Hershey's kiss

Then on actual Halloween we had 1 more spooky supper for fun since there was no trick or treating...

Bloody Eggs - red food coloring scrambled eggs
Fried Flesh - bacon
Moldy cinnamon rolls - green food coloring frosted rolls
More ghost pee of course #hit

The kids love this simple tradition that makes for sweet memories!

Before we go, here's a look back at Halloweens gone by...

Halloween 2016

Note -- clearly it was warmer last year as Vera is wearing flip flops and we aren't wearing 1000 layers ;)

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(I was morning sick and apparently didn't blog about it ;)

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Until next time, keep on keeping on  with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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