Yesterday, we hosted our first family friendly Friendsgiving (say that five times fast) and we had so much fun.  I am pretty sure a tradition was born. Do you host a Friendsgiving?

We invited our church small group over for lunch, all 20 of them, that's 5 families worth!  We provided a ham, that cooked while we were at church, as well as the paper platters (because #food), drinks and a side.  Everyone else brought 2 sides too, so there was no shortage of food.  Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned potluck? I do!

In true holiday tradition, we had a kid table and an adult table.  The adult table was in the family room and consisted of two folding tables and a fine linen tablecloth because it's about balance.  Paper platters and a white table cloth!

After lunch, the kids played in the backyard and in the basement while us adults sat around our table and laughed, chatted and got a few extra helpings of the hash brown casserole, snicker salad and parmesan corn casserole.  A few frosted pumpkin cake cookies were consumed too.

Before everyone left, we took some time to play a few Thanksgiving inspired games.  First up, I found these holiday favorite Jelly Bellies (like these).  We did a blind taste test and everyone wrote down what they thought each jelly belly tasted like.  

Closing their eyes to focus on the flavor of those jelly bellies...

Next we played turkey feather race.  All we needed was some straws and feathers.  You had to blow through your straw to get your feather from your end of the table to the other end.  If your feather was blown off, you had to start over.  The picture below was the final championship round for the adults, I won't tell you who won but I was orange ;).

We also played round robin table tennis with a travel table tennis set (we have this one, there is this one too).  It was a little harder for the kids but it was super fun for us adults.  You have 4 paddles (so you will need 2 more than the set comes with). The first person vollies it to the other side and then moves clockwise, and the next person in line hits.  After you hit, you keep rotating clockwise around the table.  If you miss, you are out. 

All you need for a fun old-fashioned, family-friendly Friendsgiving are some fun games, some disposable platters, some great food and elastic pants!  I promise you, it will be a favorite part of your holiday festivities. 

Have you ever hosted a Friendsgiving? Are you part of a small group?  Do you like to play games at your thanksgiving?  We plan to play these same games with my family on Thanksgiving.  The kids can't wait.  

I plan on sharing some more fun Thanksgiving inspired games to play with your family this Thanksgiving, Tuesday on Facebook live at 2pm!  

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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