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Monday, November 27, 2017
Some of my favorite moments as a mom are snuggling in with my kids and reading books.  Lucy often signs more and says "more books".  She knows before nap and bedtime, we will read books together.  We have several favorites around here that we read over and over and over again.  I just love seeing my older two read to each other and pick up a book and enjoy the story for themselves.   

We love to gift books around here for every holiday - birthdays, school celebrations and Christmas included.  I love getting recommendations from others, especially those that their kids read on repeat. So today, I am sharing 16 of our current favorites.  These rarely make it back on to the bookshelf before getting pulled right back out again.

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1.  Dance

We love Matthew Van Fleet books and the fun ways he makes his books come alive by pulling or pushing a tab.  By far, this is Lucy's very favorite book about a group of animals that's trying to teach a little chick to dance.

2.  Mercy Watson to the Rescue

This is great for your older readers to read to you.  It's a chapter book with plenty of illustrations for those readers still building their reading stamina with longer books.  I read this to Vera and Solon read a chapter to me a night.  Mercy, the pig, "saves" the day or does she mean to?  It's up to you to decide.

3.  Owl Diaries

My friend Karie let us borrow these sweet little chapter books about these little owl friends.  They are super cute and really fast to read through.  Your kindergartner - 2nd grade girls would love these books.  We will be getting more when we complete this first set.

4.  He Came with the Couch

This is a funny book about a little "friend" that came with the couch and how they try to get rid of him.  Our kids love this funny book, the illustrations make the story!

5.  Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Need I say more beyond underwear in the title?  Our kids love seeing all the printed undies on the dinosaurs in this funny read on how dinosaurs came to love underwear.

6.  Tickle Monster

If your kids love to be tickled, they will love this book that prompts the reader to tickle throughout.  We have the deluxe version that includes the tickle mitts.

7.  The Good for Nothing Button

This is part of a 4 book series from Elephant and Piggie Like Reading.  It has the same humor as the Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon books we love (and also read over and over and over again).

8.   Dragons Love Tacos

Our kids love tacos and so do dragons.  This is a funny read about how dragons like their tacos.

9.  Press Here

This is another fun interactive book for kids.  They press different circles and when you turn the page something happens as a result.  This book is falling part, we have read it so many times.

10.  The Berenstain Bears 

We love, love, love the Berenstain Bears at our house.  They were my favorite as a kid so I love reading them to my kids too.

11.  Peek-A-Moo

Our beloved child librarian reads this every week at baby storytime and Lucy loves lifting the flaps to see which animal is beneath based on the sound they make!

12.  The Book with No Pictures

This book will make your kids laugh.  It makes the reader say different things as you read and as the title suggests there are no pictures.  Don't let that deter you, this will quickly be a book your kids read again and laugh every time.

13.  Ribbit!

This is a sweet story about friendship and being kind.  It will warm your heart!  It's one of Lucy's favorites.

14.  The Whale in My Swimming Pool

This is another book that the illustrations make the story.  It's a cute and funny read.  There is a whale in the little boy's wading pool.  Lucy laughs overtime and now has parts memorized ;).

15.  Barnyard Dance

We love Sandra Boynton.  Every single book of hers is great.  We especially love Barnyard Dance and Snuggle Puppy.

16.  Toes, Ears and Nose

We also love Karen Katz.  If you kid loves lift the flap books, you need some of these books.

So now that I shared, will you share a favorite author or book with me?  I am collecting ideas for Christmas this year.  Scott and I will gift the kids new slippers and a new book to open on Christmas Eve and I would love to get them one they each love!  Don't forget to pin and share this with others!

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with an intentional, joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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14 comments on "16 Favorite Kids Books | Ultimate Christmas Guide"
  1. I have heard how cute the Dragons Love tacos book is, but I have yet to read it!!! I really should fix that and see if our library at least has a copy.

  2. We have alot of those and love them too!! I've been wanting to get Dragons Love Tacos for forever!

  3. Great choices!! We love us some books over here! Happy Monday, friend! 😘

  4. Simon loves the book with no pictures! We also like barnyard dance and all of her other books too!

  5. We have several of these, but most of them we do not! I have wanted Dragons Love Tacos... I need to get it for the kids for Christmas! Jacob has read it at school and he loves it!

  6. We love love love to read and our collection is getting a bit out of control! We are now moving into chapter books though and those are a ton of fun!

  7. The Berenstein Bears do not disappoint..ever! I love The Kissing Hand, oh so much!

  8. Such a great list! Press Here is one of our absolute favorites!

  9. I love children's books. Goodnight Moon was always a favorite in our house when they were really little. Sweet times! :)

  10. Sandra Boynton and Karen Katz are two of my favorite children's book authors! This is a great list. I'm going to check out that "Press Here" book!

  11. Oh, my Grans have several of these and I may have to get some of the others for them. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season!

  12. I LOVE all of these books Erin! My heart is overflowing with love. I love The Book with No Pictures. I read that during writers workshop time. Guy's favorites are the underpants books. what a great list of wonderful children books!

  13. Great choices. Love the pictures of your babies enjoying books!! Does my old librarian's heart good.

  14. What a fun list!! We have only read Press Here and the rest are new to us! Thanks for sharing and thanks for you darling Christmas card! Such an exciting year ahead for your family :)


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