October Snapshot

October we have loved you.  The weather has turned cold but this last month was beautiful and full of fun and sweet fall-time memories.  Let's take a look back!

We started the month with a trip to the local pumpkin patch with Nana and Papa!  We enjoyed finding the "perfect" pumpkin for each kid and Lucy enjoyed riding with them to pay.  We also had fun riding on the hayrack ride, going down the slide, playing in the corn, running in a hamster wheel and more!

Lucy and I also enjoyed our weekly visits to the library.  Every morning she wakes up and asks to go to "tory-time" aka story time.  She loves to see Miss Kelly, the most amazing children's librarian, and then do puzzles, pick out books, and play at the train and duplo tables.

We finally got to Build A Bear and Vera spent her coveted gift card on a new Shopkins bear.  Everyone had fun helping her outfit him!  It was so cute to see her carefully spend her money on what she wanted :).

Solon wrapped up his first year of flag football.  He had some great plays and seems to really enjoy receiving and playing defense.  He also loved his mouth guard.  He earned a sportsmanship award and we were all really proud of his hustle but mostly his team spirit :).  

We took an adventure to our local zoo with 3 other neighbor families on Columbus Day!  We ran through the zoo and the kids had so much fun seeing the baby monkeys, riding the train and sitting with their friends, enjoying a picnic lunch and playing on the playground together.  There were 14 kids (Lucy was not in the mood for a group photo below) and 4 moms.  

We enjoyed playdates with our friend Miles.  These two are the best of buds!

Harvest came to our backyard and we skipped dance to enjoy watching as a family.  It's so fun to watch them transfer the corn from the combine to the tractor and they always are so kind to honk and wave as they pass by.

I got to sneak in and help during the kids fall harvest parties at school.  I love going in and meeting the new friends my kids talk about at home.

We enjoyed another season of Friday night slumber parties in mom's bed while Dad was reffing HS football.  

The guys braved the wet Cyclone home game while the rest of us opted to watch from home.  They returned happy with a Cyclone victory.  Our Cyclones are having a great year and we are all excited!

We spent time assembling boo bags to distribute to the neighbors.  

We also enjoyed digging into our fall books and Vera found a pair of my mom's old glasses in the dress up and wore them to read of course.

We hosted a crazy multi-family, fundraising garage sale for a missionary in our church going to serve in Togo, Africa.  She made $3150 so it was worth all the hard work but we were all tired!  Thankful we had so much help from our small group, friends and family.

We spent some time at Nana and Papa's house and Lucy loves when she can get anyone to read her books.

We randomly ran into our buddies after church at Wal-Mart, everyone was so excited especially Lucy who was screaming with delight!

We all rested up after all the activities and I wrote a post all about rest here.

We got our inaugural carton of Egg Nog, Solon and Scott were quite excited.

Lucy and I tested out mom and me yoga at the library.  It was short and fun, not as relaxing as usual but we enjoyed it just the same!

We carved pumpkins. Vera had made plans with grandma so she knew she wanted a bunny, Lucy loves the Snowman books right now so a snowman pumpkin was the ticket and Solon wanted a scary face.  He did most of the carving himself and was pretty proud!  Vera is our resident pumpkin cleaner and was a great help with that.

The last weekend in October was ISU Homecoming so we attended a fraternity get together and had so much fun meeting up with old friends.  We hung out together Friday night and then saw everyone tailgating on Saturday!

ISU ended up beating #4 undefeated TCU so we rushed the field with 55,000 of our closest friends and sang "Sweet Caroline" at the top of our lungs.  There were 3 generations and Solon said it was the best day of his life!  

The kids finished the weekend off with a trunk or treat at Nana and Papa's church.  The weather has turned cold so they had to bundle up with their costumes on but they came home with a good amount of candy that they happily shared. 

We trick or treat around here on October 30th.  I don't know why but it's been that way ever since I have moved here 12 years ago. It kind of makes actual Halloween anti-climatic.  

Last night we had our annual scary spooky supper complete with blood & guts (lasagna), crunchy fingers (garlic bread), goblin eyes (grapes), ghost pee (water) and witches hats (fudge stripe cookies, frosting to stick a Hershey kiss on top).  

Another 2017 month in the bag and just 2 months to go in the year.  We are starting to think about Christmas cards and lists and such.  I even have 2 tubs of presents purchased so I suppose I better come up with a budget before I bust it ;).  What was the best part of your October?

Happy Halloween!

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Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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