10 Items in my Bathroom Drawer

Today we are talking all about what we have stored in our bathroom drawers.  I have to be honest, I am pretty basic when it comes to products.  I know what I like and I don't deviate and I don't love having lots of extra products hanging around.  So what I have in my drawers I use daily.

I once read an article where the author mentioned they use every last drop of every product they had before trying something new or tossing it and I have adopted that philosophy as well.  I love to get my money's worth.  However, I do often buy a product before the other one runs out because inevitably my bottle will run out on a Sunday before church and mama needs her hair spray and deodorant.

In full disclosure, I knew you were stopping by so I took the opportunity to tidy up the drawers a bit and give them a wipe down.  That's my cleaning secret in general, invite people over so I am inspired to clean ;).  Anyone else?

So let's take a gander at what's in my drawers...

We have a double sink vanity which I was so excited about when we moved into our house.  We have four drawers and Scott gets the top drawer and I get the bottom 3, that's just how it goes doesn't it?

Drawer 1 - Scott stores our shared toothpaste, his shaving cream, razor, deodorant and post-shave cream (which were both momentarily missing), Solon's hair product, floss and cologne.

Drawer 2 - This drawer houses my make-up products and deodorant.  My favorite organizing containers are those little baskets that you can find at the Dollar Store or here.  

  1. make-up brush set (similar)
  2. deodorant (yes I wear mens ;)
  3. powder & foundation (for very special occasions ;)
  4. blush & eye shadows
  5. current mascara & eyeliner
  6. eyelash curler & nail clippers

Drawer 3 - This one contains my skincare regimen and contact items.  I also house extra q-tips, and cotton balls in those same favorite organizing containers.

7.  make-up remover & toner
8.  day face cream & night face cream

Drawer 4 - This drawer contains all my daily hair products.

9.  brush assortment (wet brush, hair-drying round brushes, teasing comb)
10. hair spray & dry shampoo

The silver lidded container holds all of those little elastics for the girls pony tails and also houses Vera's bun forms.

I thought I would also share with you what we house in the cabinets.  I had Scott install an outlet under the left side cabinet so I could plug in and store my flat iron and hair dryer.  I love it because I can simply store it out of the way between uses.

We also just have just 4 towels total in our master bathroom.  2 are always stored and 2 are in use.  I recently read a post about minimalism and how the less we have makes it easier to maintain.  So far so good and we have plenty of guest towels should we run out.

On the right side of the cabinet, we house our mouth wash, travel toiletries, nail polishes in a bag, some bleach for the shower and the rest of my daily supplies like face wash, contact solution, body lotion, and a pair of scissors as well as a trash can.  We always use grocery sacks for the trash can liners.

I keep all extra toiletries in our laundry room in a bin - I like to stock up on razors, bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorants.  That way if I run out, I don't have to run to the store in a hurry.  

So there you have it, that's what I store in my bathroom drawers and cabinets.   What do you store in yours?  If you blogged and share, make sure to grab the graphic, link back to this post and link up.  Don't forget to visit other blogs to make sure to glean more inspiration.  

See you next month for our 10 favorite gifts to give!  It can be for kids, each other, your gift list...the options are endless.  

Until next time, keep on keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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