Vera Ann is 6...

On September 12th, 6  years ago, the doctor asked Scott to announce the gender and he paused because he knew if he got it wrong, he would never hear the end of it.  When he said "girl", my heart burst with joy knowing you were our Vera Ann Port.  We love you more than you will ever know and I thank the good Lord daily that I get to be your mom!  Happy 6th Birthday to my all sweet and spice girly girl!

You have never met a little girl that you couldn't become friends with and you love to play with the neighbors and your friends at school.  You also are a sweet sister and play so nicely with Solon and Lucy.  Lucy and you love to play house for hours with your baby dolls.

You love to shop with Mom and Grandma and know what you like when it comes to fashion.  You love getting new clothes and you have your favorite outfits you want to wear over and over again.  Your hair is getting so long and you do not want to cut it so we do it every morning before school so it doesn't fall in your face.

You are always up for adventure and this summer you were finally tall enough to ride the roller coasters at the amusement park.  You loved it.  You love to travel and experience new things.  You are always asking, where are we going to go next?

You love your cousins, especially Grace.  You also love Madelynne and Ellen and look up to them with such awe.  If they are around, you are generally glued to their hip.  You also love anything girly like makeup, painting nails and you have done mommy (and daddy's makeup) and love it.

On the first day of Kindergarten, you decided to have dad take the training wheels off your bike and learn to ride on 2 wheels and you did.  That is so you, when you set your mind to something you do it.  You love to cook and bake and I love to do it with you.  

It was a very hard choice between Shopkins and Emoji for your birthday theme this year but ultimately Shopkins won out.  You were so excited about the cake Papa made you and have lots of ideas for your party.  You have been counting down the days until you are 6 for a while.

You love school and life in general.  These days you are into art, crafting, dolls, Hopkins, blankets (you sleep with so many), playing with your dolls, riding your bike or scooter, and playing with friends.  You love to dance and tumbling.  You can't wait to learn how to read and love to snuggle up and night and read with mom and dad (or do our makeup and hair ;).  Dessert is still your favorite food group!  Your favorite shows are Out Daughtered and The Great British Baking Show. 

Happy 6th Birthday Vera Ann - we love you so!

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