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What's Up September

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Where in the world did September go? I can't believe we are knee deep in fall activities and now the weather is starting to feel like it.  We have already marked a half dozen things off our fall bucket list and we haven't even written it down yet.  #life.  (Here is our list from last year)

Let's get right down to business.  I am answering 13 questions all about everything we have been eating, wearing, doing, watching, reading -- you get the idea!

What We've Been Eating --

We went over budget this month on eating out #oops SO we are working on eating out of our fridge,  pantry and freezer this week.

Sunday - breakfast burritos & fruit
Monday - spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad
Tuesday - Italian roast, mashed potatoes & corn
Wednesday - patty melts with French fries (because we don't have buns ;)
Thursday - Cresent roll pizza & salads
Friday - macaroni & cheese
Saturday - I haven't gotten that far ;)

What I'm Reminiscing About --

I got our August in Photos blog post done (see it here)

Our fun family day trip to the Omaha Zoo. We went mid-week and since school is in session it was so quiet.  We had the best day enjoying the most beautiful zoo.  Those impromptu adventure days (like our DSM downtown adventure day) are some of our favorite family moments.

What I'm Loving --

Finally digging through my August photos and reliving our fun day downtown.  

What We've Been Up to --

Solon is in flag football and also loves it.  

We have done some tailgating for our favorite team.

We have played outside in the evenings.

We have been celebrating birthdays like its our job.

What I'm Dreading --

Nothing that I can think of!  #PraisetheLord

What I'm Working On --


I am excited about Perfectly Port Family's FIRST blog-iversary.  I have learned so much in the last year and I still feel like the learning curve is huge but I am starting to tackle Pinterest, an email subscription list and a new, fresh look for the blog.

I am also working on my outline for my upcoming talk at a local Mops group on organizing your life from paper to a daily schedule.  I love getting to talk to women and encourage them.  If you are looking for a speaker, I would love to help you out!

What I'm Excited About --

We are all just taking fall in!

What I'm Watching/Reading --

This Is Us 
Last night's episode blew my mind at the end, what did you think?

Last Chance U 
Scott and I are enjoying watching this show together.  I love that we have show we both enjoy and can watch together.  I highly recommend it.  There is some serious language because thats the way they talk and it's a documentary, just an FYI.

(Hallmark Channel)

Karen Kingsbury

Love Story is the continuation of the beloved Baxter series by Karen Kingsbury.  Cole (Ashley's son) has a school project and he chooses to interview his grandpa about his love story with his deceased grandmother.  All the while the story intertwines the love story of Cody and Andy Ellison and their failed engagements.  It is a great read.  If you like Hallmark movies with Christian encouragement, this is a great book for you.

Karen Kingsbury

Even Now is a heart wrenching tale of a couple that gets pregnant before their senior year in high school and are ripped apart by their parents, who hope to give them a better life and pretend the pregnancy never happened.  Lauren has her baby but the baby gets very sick.  In a miscommunication, she believes her baby dies and she leaves town broken-hearted to go look for the love of her life.

I have just started the sequel, Ever After and it picks up where Even Now leaves off but I don't want to spoil anything else!

What I'm Listening To --

I hope to do a podcast roundup soon because I have been listening to lots of podcasts lately.

This one was a fun one to listen to!  ;)

What I'm Wearing --

I have linked everything here & similar items if the original is not available --

What I'm Doing This Weekend --

Scott refs high school football so that means movie night in our bed while he is away.  Then a quiet Saturday with a trip to a local orchard with Scott's parents.  Leading worship on Sunday at church followed by some flag football in the afternoon.  It should be a lovely fall weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month --

More fall!  I just love this time of year and starting to anticipate all the holidays!

What Else is New --

Scott got a new job (same profession - civil engineer).  It was totally unexpected and completely GOD.  I will have to share sometime about it but needless to say, it was wild, somewhat stressful and long process BUT He is so excited about the possibilities and loving it which makes my wife heart so happy.

Until next time, keep on keeping on  with a joyful, faith-filled life.  #tribekoko

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11 comments on "What's Up September"
  1. I'm surprised you've only been blogging a year! The Omaha Zoo is awesome. We went to Omaha this summer but we didn't hit the zoo this time, actually we haven't been in awhile! Yay for This Is Us, I love it.

  2. What a sweet month you have all had! I need to watch Chesapeak Shores. I love all the celebrating you and your family have gotten in this month. Woohooo for Blogiversary's. We share the same month :) I would also love to get into speaking at groups. How fun is that?!?! I am so excited for those mom's that get to hear you speak! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Love, love, love! Teach me your blogging ways, friend! You make it look so easy. I am loving your Fall wardrobe, & I need every piece you showed today. Happy Wednesday, friend!!

  4. I love that picture of you guys walking with all of the leaves. It's hard not to get excited for all of the holidays once Fall arrives. Enjoy your day!

  5. September was a great month in the Port house!!! So you mentioned freshening up the look of your blog. I want to do that too (and I can't believe you've only been at it a year...you seem to have it all together:) Are you doing your freshen up in house or out? I want to find someone to do it for me, but haven't landed on anyone yet. TIA!

  6. Happy almost blogiversary, girl! You are rocking it and I can't wait to see what you have in store for your readers in the coming months!

    And girrrrl, THIS IS US! I bawled my eyeballs out at the end last night. I am trying to figure out what the heck is going on?!

  7. I always think pantry and freezer eating is kind of an adventure! Happy almost 1 year blogiversary! You're doing so well!!

  8. I'm impressed with your menu based on just eating what you have on hand! I am so bad with the food budget, ugh need to get better! This is Us was soooooo good last night! I'm still so sad that Jack has to die though :(

  9. Does anyone NOT watch This Is Us?! I'm obsessed! And isn't I amazing The meals you can get from a panty clean out?!

  10. I love that black and white stripe dress and it looks great on you. And, on, my goodness, I love the Baxter family and often forget that they are a fictional family. And, yes, the ending of This Is Us, well............ And, I love Chesapeake Shores and hate to see this season end. And, a happy blogoversary to you. I'm about to write my 1000th post. Happy rest of the week!

  11. Congrats on Scott's new job! How exciting. Love that you are having a Blog-iversary coming up! Have a great rest of the week.


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