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Happy Friday Friends!  I am glad to see Friday!  Hallelujah and amen.  It's time for another installment of Friday favorites and I have some very favorites this week, that's a thing, right?

1 - Happy Places Podcast

I had the privilege to be interviewed on the Happy Playces Podcast and I divulged some secrets I haven't shared here.  Remember this post?  Some of you were mighty curious as to what #10 was, well I am spilling the beans.  Is that enough of a teaser to get you to listen?  Go listen!

2 - transitioning to fall fashion

I shared 5 items that I think you must have in your closet this fall.  I even linked some of my favorites for you so you can shop from the comfort of your jammies on the couch.

3 - loving our homes

On, Monday I hosted my monthly 10 on the 10th link up and we shared why we love our homes.  Those posts are always nerve-wracking for me to write because I want to inspire and encourage others to love their home as I write why I love my home.  So often, inspiration can turn into comparison and I never want that in this little community.  I loved peaking into everyone's homes (I am nosey like that) and seeing the beautiful, unique spaces you each call home.  I am always up for coffee so just let me know when I can come by ;).

4 - my computer is back / this blog

Seriously, sometimes you don't realize how grateful you are for something until its gone.  As silly as it sounds, my computer is a life saver.  I am thankful it's back.

Unfortunately, it looks like the pictures are being held captive somewhere in my computer for the moment due to them being in iPhoto so lesson learned to move them to an alternate location in a separate folder.  I now am using google photo for backup, thanks Becky for the tip.

I am so thankful for all the documenting I do on the blog, I have plenty of documentation from the last 9 years!

5 - Vera turned 6

We had so much fun celebrating our girl this week.  I wrote a post all about her.  She is a ray of sunshine, sweet and spice and everything nice!

Lucy and I got to have lunch with her at school and every day since Lucy has packed her lunch.  I think she would go to school tomorrow if I let her (break my heart).  Then I got to go read to Vera's class and do show and tell with her. I just love seeing my kids in that environment and the confidence Vera exudes as she shared.  That night we went to pizza, then dance, sonic shakes with a candle, and presents.  She ate up every moment of her special day!

This weekend I am headed to a retreat with the women from our couple's small group.  I can't wait to dig into the book of Ruth and spend some sweet time with my friends.  I hope to come home full to the brim and refreshed.  We need that sometimes, don't we?  I hope you have the best weekend my koko's and if I can pray for you, please send me a note!

Until next time, keep on keeping on (koko) with a joyful, faith-filled life! #tribekoko

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