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5 Friday Favorites | 9.22.17 |

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy first day of fall!  The weather can now cool down and feel like fall because I have booties, cardigans, scarves and skinny jeans to wear and they don't pair well with 90 degree weather ;).  (See my favorite fall fashion must haves here).  

We have had a good week and we are finally celebrating our sweet 6 year old this weekend with a Shopkins party.  We also have some flag football and a church picnic too so this weekend will be busy!  Before our weekend commences, I want to share 5 (whoops I can't count, six) Friday favorites with you!

one --  small throwable containers

My kids take a lot of cold lunches.  They love ranch dressing but I do not love washing itty bitty containers of ranch dressing SO when I found these packs of 10 throwable dip containers at my local Dollar Tree store, I was excited.  I put them in the lunch prep basket in my pantry.  They were 10 for a $1 at Dollar Tree but my friend Jenny told me you can find them on Amazon too and they happen to be cheaper per cup (here).  #fistbump 

two -- handmade scripture print

I am always amazed at the talent people have.  Arts and crafts is not a talent of mine unless it is done in 20 minutes with hot glue or spray paint.  So when I met my friend Nicole from Sweet 2 The Soul, I was in awe of her scripture, water-painting.  

She was so sweet and sent me 2 prints, both are beautiful, but my very favorite is the one pictured.  She had me at the florals, the navy and that scripture is one of my life verses.  Be joyful and keep on keeping on, amen?  

three - gel top coat

So, recently after seeing several bloggers always talking about nail color, I wanted to paint my nails more but then I remembered why I didn't paint my nails - instant chipping.  So, one night at dance my friend Nicole (popular name today) had beautiful nails and I asked her what she did.  She mentioned she used a gel top coat with regular nail polish.

So I  purchased some gel top coat and friends, it's a game changer.  I use two coats of top coat and my nail polish stays on.  I feel SO very fancy with painted nails #truestory.  

She uses this one and I use this one

four - handmade notecards

Amy from Discovering Whimsy won my recent #Tribekoko giveaway and as a thank you she sent me these darling notecards from her shop, Discovering Whimsy Cards and Gifts.  They are beautiful and have lined envelopes and sweet sayings like "Chin up Buttercup".  Wouldn't these be darling for teacher gifts or a little happy gift for a friend.  Yes, yes they would!

five -- good book

Karen Kingsbury helped me fall back in love with reading as an adult.  I started with the Baxter series  (more listed below).  If you like Hallmark and need Christian encouragement while reading about characters you will fall in love with, cry over and stay up until 2am to find out the ending to, I highly recommend her books.  I am reading Even Now right now ;) and it is so good!

six -- new vacuum

Kids eating and crumbs everywhere go hand in hand around here.  I use to spend time sweeping after every meal since our other vacuum would just spit crumbs everywhere on our hard wood which just annoyed me.  I hate stepping on crumbs in my bare feet.  I finally got the vacuum of my dreams #seriously.

It's cordless and has 2 sucking powers.  I use the highest power on my hardwood floor.  It runs for about 8-10 minutes at that power but I can do my whole upstairs (busting a move) on the lower power. It's light-weight, easy to empty the canister, cord free, and comes with a charging dock station that my hubby mounted in our pantry.    I am in love with a vacuum and I don't care who knows it.  ;)

Before you go, check these out -- 

Until next time, keep on keeping on (koko) with a joyful, faith-filled life! #tribekoko

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10 comments on "5 Friday Favorites | 9.22.17 |"
  1. I love the idea of a gel topcoat over my polish. Will it come off with regular remover? I love my nails painted too! Happy weekend and enjoy celebrating sweet 6!

  2. Thank you for posting those cups, I saw those on another blog but forgot about them! I am grabbing them for lunches, snacks etc! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Yes, a good top coat is so important. I'm with you, when I paint my nails I feel all fancy as well. Haha!

  4. Isn't it funny how a new vacuum can be so exciting?! I remember when I got a new steam mop for our kitchen and I was PUMPED!

  5. Well first of all congrats on being featured over at High 5 for Friday! #highfive So here's a fun story for you. My friends daughter got engaged earlier this year and it was super sweet (of course) with VINCE GILL singing to her. Yep! Anyhooo, my friend said a lady came up to her and commented on what a sweet proposal it was and could she use it in a book...um helllooooo...guess who that was??? Karen Kingsbury happened to be at the event where this took place. Soooo if you eventually read a book and that sounds familiar, you heard it here first....LOL. I definitely want to read that book when/if she writes it. Happy Friday!

  6. Love those containers for lunches. Karen Kingsbury is my absolute favorite author! I've read every book she has written. Have a great weekend!

  7. I've never heard of Karen Kingsbury but you've got me interested by your 2AM reading session. I love those kind of books. They always end with such hope and love. Off to see if my library has digital copies available for instant download.

  8. No shame in loving that vacuum! I got a Dyson for my birthday present one year (because I asked)! I love household appliances! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  9. What a great list of favorites. I LOVE those little containers and will often put dry roasted peanuts in one and take with me when I'm shopping and they serve as my lunch with my Sonic drink. Okay, now to go and check on some of these other items. Happy weekend my dear!

  10. Thank you Erin for the feature. I am so glad you liked the cards!!! I hope they bring a smile to whom ever you send them to. Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!!


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