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Happy Friday!  I can't believe another week has passed us right by.  Today I am helping my cousin move into her dorm room at my alma mater.  A lot has changed in post-secondary education since I was in school but dorm life has not!  We can't wait to help her get all situated and then she will go through sorority recruitment this weekend.  My grandma is a Delta Gamma and my sister and I are Gamma Phi Beta SO we shall see what she ends up deciding :)!   Were any of you in a sorority?

So I am going to just tell you right now this week is full of random but full of fun so let's get the party started, shall we?

{one -- Target tees}

If you watched my Back 2 School FB live the other night, you know that I went through my kids clothes and inventoried what exactly they needed for fall/winter.  All Solon really needed was a couple pairs of athletic pants and some more long sleeve tees.  

So when I was at Target and saw the great deal on long sleeve Cat and Jack baseball tees and the dry fit C9 plain colored tees, I picked up a couple for Solon!  The baseball tees will be great for church with jeans or cute for school with athletic pants.  I chose Seahawks colors because we have a super fan here!  I am not sure how long the sale runs but they have some good deals on girls shirts as well.  I linked a few of my favorites below!  

Psst...My friend Allie (check her blog out here) mentioned in the comments that these would make great tees to personalize with heat transfer vinyl.  I have made myself some graphic tees but not the kids.  Now I need to think What I want them to say.  What a great idea Allie!

 {two -- biking to dinner}

We have been having some beautiful weather (like turn off the AC and open the windows weather) which is super unusual for Iowa in the summer.  Normally its VERY humid and hot.  So we took full advantage and biked to Panera for dinner and then to a new park afterward.  It was a fun way to spend the evening and enjoy the weather.  There are a few other close restaurants, we need to bike to them too!  Do you ever bike to dinner?

{three - zoo day}

Solon turned 8 on Monday, so we decided to use our library reading program free passes to go to the zoo with our friends on Monday.  We packed a lunch and enjoyed the day.  It was fairly busy since the weather was so beautiful but we managed to see everything.  The highlights were the new baby giraffe, baby rhino, train ride and carousel of course.  

The only casualty was Vera got her first bee sting. Thankfully the seal show was about to start so she got distracted from the sting.

{four -- dairy farm tour}

Our neighbors invited us to go on a local dairy farm and creamery tour last week.  We got to meet some calves, learn about how they pump, pasteurize and bottle milk as well as how they make cream, ice cream and butter.  We got to sample the ice cream and chocolate milk and bought some fresh goodies from the creamery store to take home with us.  The bacon cheddar cheese ball was my favorite! 

{five - cleaning the dishwasher}

Last week, I asked my Instagram tribe to help me with a major problem, my dishwasher stunk (like rotten eggs) every time I ran it and I had cleaned the surfaces and even the gunk around the bottom but it still smelled.  Well they answered and told me to check the filters in my dishwasher.  I didn't know it had a filter, let alone 2.  Our old one did not and I have never cleaned the filter in 4 years.  It was gross.  

The first filter was on the door and was a fairly easy clean and that's the little round, grey filter pictured above.  The 2nd larger filter was found in the base of my dishwasher and when turned, pulled out, and cleaned it looks like the larger filter above.  I used vinegar and baking soda first, followed up with some dish soap.  I had to soak the bigger filter for a while.  I regularly spray my dishwasher with vinegar but now I will check the filters too!

Did you know your dishwasher or washer had a filter?  If you didn't, it's okay you aren't alone!

{Before You Go}

In case you missed it, I did a Back 2 School FB Live, make sure to check it out!

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Have a fantastic weekend!  We are headed to the Iowa State Fair with Scott's family and his Dad is celebrating his 70th birthday!  As well as hosting a going away party for dear friends so it will be a full but fun summer weekend.  We will see you back here on Monday!

Until next time, keep on keeping on (koko) with a joyful, faith-filled life! #tribekoko

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