August in Photos

August was a crazy full month and we crossed a lot of items off the bucket list.  Let's take a look back!

We spent our fair share of time at the pool.  There were always friends there sometimes planned and sometimes by surprise. 

We also enjoyed Nana and Papa's neighborhood pool and most of the time had it all to ourselves!

We visited the creamery and tasted ice cream, chocolate milk and met some dairy calves!

We celebrated Solon's 8th Birthday with a fun basketball clinic party!

We biked to dinner and then visited a new park that was great for impromptu Ninja warrior courses!

We went to the zoo with our dear friends on Solon's actual birthday!

We even reenacted the first look we had when Solon was born ;)!

Lucy got to test out being an only child while the big kids were at cousin camp.  She went shopping with Grandma and helped my cousin Madelynne move into college.  She earned her trooper status.

She got to build a Poppy with Grandma and she sleeps with her every night!

We got Madelynne all moved in and celebrated with Hickory Park with our grandparents!

We went to the Iowa State Fair with Scott's parents and Sister's family after cousin camp was over!

We went to the pool one more time before it closed down for the summer and Lucy fell in love with the slides.  She kept signing and saying "more".

We took in the eclipse with our neighbors which was really fun!

Then, just like that, it was the first day of school!  First day of second grade for Solon and first day of kindergarten for Vera!

Then Lucy and Mommy days commenced.  She still loves to go to story time and is a great helper!

We spent our fair share of time at the Apple Store getting my computer fixed.

And of course we spent most of our evenings out front, Scott and I sitting in the rocking chairs, while the kids ride bikes and play football and basketball!  Solon also does a fair share of chauffeuring Lucy around in her pink jeep.  He is a good sport.

It was a busy, full month!  We made so many sweet memories and ended summer with a bang!

There's our monthly snapshot from August!  On to September...