Solon is 8...

My sweet  first born baby boy is 8 today.  How?  On this day you were born at 5:02pm and it was love at first sight!   You are a true treasure!  God knew I needed you.  You have taught me SO much and I am so thankful for that.  You have a tender heart for others, love your family, are respectful and a loyal and kind friend.  We are so proud of the man God is molding you to be and are so thankful to God we get a front row seat to shepherd you and love you as you grow up.  

We spent the weekend celebrating you with friends at your basketball clinic birthday party and then we are off to the zoo with your best bud Max followed up with a playdate all afternoon with him which is the perfect way to celebrate according to you.  My guess is you will pick Mexican for dinner tonight!

You love sports especially whatever is in season and you and your dad talk about it all during your evening snuggle time.  You love to learn how and why everything works and you love to tell us what you learn.  You love iPad time and watching lego videos on youtube and playing super mario brothers and temple run 2.

You are always up for an adventure and willing to try anything once especially when it comes to food.  You don't like learning new skills.  You want to master them immediately but you learn quickly.  

Your favorite sports teams are the Seattle Seahawks,  Pittsburgh Penguins and the Iowa State Cyclones.  You have yet to name a favorite NBA team.  You and dad prefer to watch college basketball!

Reading with others especially to Lucy or with mom or dad is much preferred to reading by yourself. Recess, music and gym are your favorite things to do at school and you are really bummed your favorite music teacher moved away.  You are a homebody and love to just hang out at home so you aren't ready to go back to school quite yet but you are a great and respectful student.

You love to be with your cousins and Max (your best bud).  You often ask us when the next time you will see them is.  Your laugh is infectious and your smile melts our hearts.  You only broke your glasses twice this year (and neither time was your fault).

All you wanted for your birthday was a pet fish and a day off from school.  You love Bubbles the fish and are taking such great care of him.  You consistently ask us for a dog and we have yet to comply!

Your favorite sports to play are basketball and baseball.  You love the song Despacito (I love listening to you sing and dance to it) and the band Imagine Dragons.  You don't love to be in front of large crowds and are shy at first.    Your favorite foods are tacos and you have been known lately to eat 4 or 5 in one sitting.  You are a growing boy full of energy and live life to the fullest!  

You love to play with legos, your hot wheel tracks, wooden roads and your magna tiles when you are home and sometimes like to go to your room to play alone ;).  You always make us laugh with your latest joke or quip.  

Happy 8th Birthday my first born, the one that made me a mother, we love you more than you will ever know.  Thanks for the joy you bring to our lives!  May you follow hard after God always!

Looking back in time gets me every.single.time -- 

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