5 Friday Favorites...

Happy Friday!  As we roll into August, I plan to do Friday favorites every Friday.  #crazylikethat  We are in full on birthday mode over here with a certain little guy's birthday party tomorrow and more festivities and celebrations on his actual birthday on Monday!  Here are my 5 Friday favorites this week...what was the your favorite part of the week?

{one - ig giveaway}

Instagram Giveaway!  If you don't follow me over on Instagram, stop right now and click here.  Go to my giveaway post (that looks just like the above photo) and ENTER.  Who doesn't love some #tribekoko swag and a $50 Target Gift Card?  

Speaking of Target selling Keep on, Keeping ON items...my son shouted in the dollar spot, "Mom they have your blog saying here!"  That right there is a sweet boy who loves his momma!

{two - back to school fb live}

I know some of you are already headed back to school next week but most of us have just a few weeks left.  I am hosting my monthly FB live series and this month its all about getting us mommas ready to send our kids back to school.  I can't wait to learn and share with you!  Make sure to set a reminder in your phone and join me :)!

{three - monthly linkups}

In August, I will now be doing TWO Link-ups.  When I posted by monthly recap in pictures on Monday, many of you said you would like to do it too SO I am giving you the opportunity to do that!  

Also, don't forget to link up next Thursday for my monthly 10 on the 10th series.  Next week we are talking all about 10 back to school essentials.  I can't wait to see what you all share.  

Clearly I love linkups.  It's how I have met so many of you!  Linkups work best when you visit others so don't be shy and pop over to a blogger you don't know and leave them a note.  I always post who I am linking up to at the bottom of my posts so make sure to show those blogs love too!  Bloggers love comments, amen?

{four - adoption tee}

Adoption is near and dear to our family's heart.  My nephew was adopted from China in November 2015 and soon we will be meeting our newest niece or nephew by adoption.  So if you are selling a t-shirt especially the comfy, soft kind I will buy it.  

I am so excited for Megan and her family to bring Collins home.  You can find out more about their adoption here.  I love when people ask about the shirt too!  Such a great way to share the gospel and the love of Jesus.  Just as we were adopted into Christ's family by the cross, we can model that by adopting orphans into our families.  

{five - guest post}


This week I guest posted on my friend's blog and she guest posted on mine.  If you are gearing up for back to school for the first time and have the jitters or doing it for the first time.  These posts should leave you encouraged.  Make sure to check them out :).


I hope you have a fabulous first weekend in August.  We will be celebrating a birthday, singing on praise team and I am sharing a marriage devotion at a wedding shower (pray for me).  It will be a full, fun weekend!  See you back here Monday! 

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Until next time - keep on, keeping on! #tribekoko 


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