$10 at Target and 3 Quick Target Tips...

I love Target but who doesn't?  Maybe my bank account!  Recently I went to Target because my sweet friend Britt alerted me that they have #tibekoko signs.  You better believe I needed one or a few!  I decided to test out the $10 at Target challenge and go see if I could find them.  

Spoiler alert, I failed miserably.  I did two transactions so you could see what $10 at Target looks like but let's be real I had another $60 in my cart because we needed paper towels.  Yes, I know paper towels don't cost $60!  Let's see what I did find for about $10 and I am sharing 3 Target tips with you.   Will you share your tips too?  You all are so smart and my budget will thank you!

Exhibit A - my purchases

Keep on Keeping on Coin/shadow Box | $3
Thank You Notes | $1
Clearance Cat & Jack Flip-Flops | $6.48

Sub-total | $10.48
Red Card Discount | $0.52

Grand Total | $10.58

So obviously the sign was not a want but a need.  Since that is clearly a given, I put that in my office to remind me of our sweet #tribekoko.  For those of you visiting, KOKO stands for Keep on, keeping on.  That's our tribe's goal to keep on, keeping on with a joyful, faith-filled life!  I got an extra for an upcoming Instagram giveaway since we are so close to 2000 tribe members!  The sign can be found in the Dollar Spot which gets me every time.  I could have spent way more than $10 there #always.

The stationary is another spot love!  8 cards for a $1, I am in!  We have 3 kid summer birthdays around here and so I needed to pick up another pack.  I thought these would be tie into the colors I used for Lucy's TWO CUTE MERMAID party.

Then these flip flops (similar) were the typical "not on your list but suddenly you need them to be on your list" item.  I know you know what I mean!  I was looking for my girls in the kids shoe section when these caught my eye.  I love a cute, comfy flip flop!  They looked big enough for my foot and sure enough they were!  

Tip 1:  Buy Girls Shoes

I learned the tip that girls size equate to women's sizes from my friend in the shoe business.  He said I could buy kids UGG boots in a size 6 and they would be cheaper and still fit great.   So there's that tip for you too.  I love to save a little money, don't you?  Have you ever bought kids shoes before?

Tip 2: The Clearance Tag

Target clearance always had a red label and in the top right hand corner there will be a teeny tiny number like 15, 30, 50, 70 or 90.  These shoes had a 50 in the corner meaning they were 50% off.  

Tip 3:  Check the Online Price and Sale Codes

Recently, I bought some outdoor chairs for our deck.  They were 30% off in store.  Before I went, I checked online and saw they had an extra 10% off online.  So once I checked out, I simply went to guest services and they price matched what was online!  I saved another $12 and every dollar counts!

What are your Target tips?  I would love to hear because I love Target but my budget appreciates any help it can get.  What have you found at Target lately!  Do you purposefully go in the Dollar Spot door so you can peruse that section first?  I do too! 

Until next time, keep on keeping on! #tribekoko

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