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Sweet Lucille Violet turned TWO at the end of June (you can read more about her here) and since you only turn TWO once, she had three parties.  It actually worked out to have a little party at my inlaws one day, a party with our friends another and then we had her last party at the lake when all of our family was together.  So it might seem extravagant but it was out of necessity, I promise ;) ;)!

We chose the mermaid theme because Lucy is such a water baby!  Plus, I thought it was a little something different!  I still found some Pinterest inspiration and I pinned it all to my birthday board!

For the first party, my mother-in-law and father-in-law did all the heavy lifting, I just showed up.  #yesmaam My father-in-law always makes the our kids a cake based on the theme.  He works for hours on them. It's a sweet labor of love!  

It was a nice day out so we enjoyed the party on their large deck!  My mother-in-law had all sorts of under the sea themed appetizers to enjoy when we arrived. 

How cute are these little Nilla wafer oyster cookies?

Sea shells (bugles), Goldfish crackers, fish food (a fan favorite) and seaweed (edema-me crisps) and waves (wavy chips).

The crab-wiches not only were darling but so good.  She got croissants and filled them with chicken salad for the adults and peanut butter for the kids.  Then she glued on some googly eyes to toothpicks!

Driftwood (pretzels), shark teeth (triangle cut white cheese), Seaweed, sea pearls (mini chocolate pearls), and sea shells (bugles).

We had a lovely time and everyone made second and third trips up for more "sea-inspired" fare!

Then, it was my turn to host.  My sweet mother-in-law shared her table runner she made and her food labels for this party so you will see them again.  We found all the paper products at Target (Spritz brand) and picked colors and prints that coordinated with our theme!  We used our silver chargers and Vera found a few mermaid dolls and toys to help "decorate" the table!

We used a box cake mix and made homemade buttercream frosting.  They were tasty and not too much work!  We also re-used the lanterns and bunting (Target) from parties past (here) and strung them from the chandelier!  I love decor that can be used again and again!

We found the cute mermaid invitations at Target and print off a little calendar of events for the party.   I always love to come up with a few fun games for everyone to play.

First up was Save the Mermaid, which is similar to capture the flag but with a mermaid doll.   We split up into two teams and each team hid the other teams mermaid and then we had to race to find it without being captured.  

Next up was Pass the Pearl, which was passing white water balloons back and forth between teammates.  Last but not least, we played mermaid baseball.  It was so popular, we played it at the next birthday party at the lake.  The kids took turns hitting water balloons in lieu of baseballs.  Now that you can get balloons like these, its so fun to come up with all sorts of water balloon games!

Of course, I took a cue from my mother-in-law and had fun sea-inspired appetizers.  We added seaweed dip (guacamole) to the line-up!

We used Barbie's pool for the Goldfish and had sea biscuits (pita chips) and dip!

We also made a sign for drinks which included squid ink (root beer), ocean cooler (juice boxes), red tide (cherry 7-up) and fish pee (mountain dew).  You can imagine which one was the fan favorite.  Why do bodily function elicit such laughter?

Last but not least, my mom hosted the final party at the lake.  She got all the mermaid plates and decor on Amazon.  She just took the balloons to the grocery store and paid for the helium.

Sea Horse Balloon | Sun Balloon | Mermaid Balloon

Plates | Napkins | Cupcake Picks | Decorations

Party Outfit | Party Swimsuit | Mermaid Tail Blanket | Mermaid & Purse | Mermaid Book

Grandma and Vera set up the party and decorated while Lucy napped and then we enjoyed cupcakes, presents and mermaid baseball!

I think we successfully milked the theme and her birthday for all its worth!  It was so fun to celebrate our TWO cute mermaid on her 2nd birthday!

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Until next time, keep on keeping on!  

Dashing off to start working on the next birthday -- it's going to be a slam dunk ;)!  Check out my Pinterest boards for a sneak peak at the next two birthday themes...

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