10 Reasons Why Lake Life is the Best Life

The beautiful hues of pink, purple and orange of the beautiful sunset draw you in as you relax on an adirondack chair with all your favorite people, toes next to the bonfire, a gentle breeze and a cold drink in your hand as you wave at the lake activity float by.  Lake life is the best life.  

After 24 years of it, lake living is in my veins.  It's home.  It's my happy place.  In the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota), there's a LONG winter and a short summer so you have to make the most of summer lake living. If you are turning your nose up and saying, I am not a lake person, trust me when I tell you Minnesota lakes are amazing.  They are clear to your toes, crisp and beautiful.    

Do you love lake living?

Here are 10 amazing reasons why lake life is the best life...

1.  Sunset.

Besides the beach, I would argue they are some of the most beautiful around.  There is nothing more serene and calming after a full day on the water than watch the sun set.

2.  Bunk Room Sleeping.

As a kid, we grew up with lots of guests coming and going and we all shared the bunk room quarters. As a grown up, we still sleep in the bunk room.  Who doesn't love a giant slumber party and there is no worries, snoring or talking in your sleep with keep you up, you are bone tired after a full day on the water!

3.  Breakfast over the fire.

Everything tastes better outside, pancakes included.  A cool crisp lake morning made better with a cup of hot coffee and some fresh, off the bonfire, pancakes made in a cast iron skillet.

4.  Porch Sitting.

The unofficial state bird of Minnesota is the mosquito so a screened porch is the best way to extend your day outdoors.  Light a fire in the screened porch fireplace and have yourself a s'more.  Early in the morning, its a great place to watch the lake wake up and the wildlife swim by.

5.  Everyone waves.

When you drive by a fellow boater or someone on shore, you wave!  Everyone has a smile on their face because you can't help but be happy on the lake.  Have you been anywhere else where you wave to everyone you pass?

6.  Casual and Comfy.

There is no need to shower, put on any make-up or get dressed because you have a day on the water ahead.  All you need is some sunscreen and a swimsuit.  At the end of a full day on the lake, nothing feels better than a nice, warm shower before a meal out on the porch.  All you need is a swimsuit and pajamas, throw those fancy clothes out the window.  You don't need them.  If you need to shave your legs, just head down to the dock with your shaving cream and razor.  

7.  Unplug.

It's a perfect time to unplug because who wants to chance dropping their phone into the lake.  Many times lakes don't get the best reception, a great excuse to check out and be present with your favorite people.  Who needs technology time when the lake beckons your name?

8.  Boat riding.

Many times in my life, I have taken my cares and worries to the lake only to rev the engine, sit back and take a cruise and all those cares just melt away.  The lake wind in your hair, the feel of the water against the sides of the boat.  It's so relaxing and calming.

9.  Adventure.

No matter what age you are or what your interest are, you can have fun in or by the water.  Tubing. Skiing. Wake-boarding. Jet-skiing.  Paddle boarding.  Floating.  Kayaking.  Swimming.  Fishing.  Laying out.  Reading. Playing yard games. 

10.  Memories.

We moved around a bunch growing up but every year we went to the lake.   Somewhere along the way, the lake became home to us.  We have so many memories or campfires gone rogue, crazy tube exits, and wardrobe malfunctions.  The lake gives our family an opportunity to spend time together doing something we all love and make cherished memories. 

There you have it just 10 of the many reasons to love lake life.  Why do you love the lake?  Have you ever been to a lake?  Where is your happy place?

Until next time, keep on keeping on #Tribekoko 

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