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Once a month I go back through all the photos and pick my favorites that capture the essence of what we did that month.  I love to reflect back on all we were able to do and enjoy!  I am always surprised what can fit into one month's time.  I hope you enjoy this peak into our lives and what we were up to in the month of July.  What was the best part of your July?  (Here is a peak into June)

We started off the month in MN for our 4th of July vacation with my family at the lake house!  We had a week full of fun with my sister, her husband, my parents and my grandparents.  We had perfect weather and we did every last lake thing one can do!

We all love being on vacation and getting free sunglasses at dinner is fun too!  Modeling is a must!

We got home from vacation just in time to enjoy our city's annual festival.  We started off attending the parade with our best friends and Scott's parents. Then ended the weekend with our neighborhood's annual block party.  We can see the festival fireworks right from our front yard.  

Its one of our favorite weekends all summer!  The fire department came and let the kids check out the fire truck which was a highlight and it was a hot evening so they even used some water ;).

Our garden really kicked into gear.  Our cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, green peppers and sugar snap peas all had their first harvest and we all enjoyed trying the fresh veggies!  Seriously, nothing better!

It was a HOT month full of heat indices in the 110+ range so we spent lots of time indoors getting reacquainted with our toys and games, watching you tube videos on dad's phone and catching up on all our favorite shows (which I covered here).

We also enjoyed our sweet lazy morning routine.  Lucy doesn't get up until around 8am every morning.  The kids watch a little PBS kids.  I enjoy of my coffee and reading the bible.  It's a favorite time of day for sure!

Vera had art camp every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in July for about 45 minutes so Solon and I biked one afternoon and found a favorite geo-cache and updated our name and date.  

We went to the Wisconsin Dells with Scott's family for Papa's 70th birthday celebration.  It was a splashing success between all the slides, pools and cousin fun!  My kids want to go back like yesterday.

We also enjoyed going over to Nana and Papa's pool and the local pool.  The weather was just right for afternoon soak seasons.  The pool water was a nice 90 degrees most days which felt just a tad colder than bath water.   My kids are pretty much pool rats at this point. They would live there if they could.

We met our friends for half price shakes after 8 at Sonic.  It's fun to have late bedtimes and a late night rendezvous with friends!

We also enjoyed a neighborhood playdate at the splash pad.  These sweet kids have grown up together and they could have played there all day together.  The older ones shepherd the little ones and Lucy is well-loved and she eats it up!

We crossed baking chocolate chip cookies off our summer bucket list.  The kids favorite part is always licking the batter.  I asked my IG tribe and most agreed, they let their kids lick the beaters too! 

Scott's company always has a company picnic at a local amusement park and they give the whole family free tickets to go!  It was one of the hottest days of the summer so we spent the morning at the water park area and then went home for an afternoon nap.  

Then after dinner we went back and enjoyed all the rides.  It was still quite warm but the sun was not beating down on us and the crowds had died down a bit!  Vera got to ride her 2nd and 3rd roller coaster.  Her 1st was the Mall of America earlier in the summer.  She is loving finally being 42 inches tall.

Lucy waited patiently while the kids did their big rides and then she was happy as a clam to do rides with them.  She loved this ladybug ride and squealed with delight the whole time.  We also did the balloons, carousel and train.  She just loved it all!

We got to attend 2 baptismal services for friends in our church.  Our friend and his daughter from our small group were baptized so most of our small group came out to support them.  We love our small group!

We spent more time at home playing games, snuggling and just trying to soak up the dog days of summer together.  

Sibling snuggles are simply the best especially when the littlest was under the weather with a quick 24 hour bug!  They take such good care of her. 

My cousin Madelynne and her friend from Germany stopped by for a few days to hang out.  We enjoyed taking them to the pool and introducing them to a good Iowa summer meal of corn on the cob and BLT's!  I covered more of the menu and their visit here.

We also enjoyed the last story time in the park for the summer.  Everyone loves it since they are reading our favorites, Elephant and Piggie books!

We wrapped up the summer reading program and collected our prizes for reading all summer long.  They especially love to read at bedtime with mom by their side and I don't mind it at all!

We also dashed over to my favorite department store, Von Maur, to marathon shop for the MANY August and September birthdays we have coming up.  We got 8 gifts in 2 hours and they offer complimentary wrapping paper.  That's what I call a mom on a mission.  I rewarded the kids with Taco John's at the food court and they were happy! 

And just like that we are racing into the month of August which is a crazy busy BUT first one last trip to the lake to round out our July!  We can't wait to hang out with Bailey and Madelynne (our TX cousins) and enjoy our happy place.  Lake life is the best life, you can read why here!

What was the best part of July?  Isn't it crazy how much you can fit into just 31 days?  It was another good month full of fun and memories (with the daily chaos and discipline thrown in for good measure).  Happy July!

Until next time, keep on keeping on toward a joyful, faith-filled August KOKO's! xoxo ERIN

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