4th of July Lake Vacation...

We just got back from another awesome 4th of July lake trip.  I always get nervous because expectations can be the their of joy and since the 4th of July is one of my favorites, my expectations are always pretty high.  Spoiler alert -- we had a good time.  

Vacations as a mom still include discipline, laundry, cooking and cleaning up but there was also copious amounts of laying out, laughter, naps, relaxing and eating too much as referenced by my rumbling belly since I got home :).  

I am splitting up the post in two parts because my sister took so many awesome photos with my camera.  I purposed to put my phone away the majority of the trip and it was nice to "unplug".  I knew my sister would document well enough and she did!

We took off the Friday before the 4th of July after Scott got off of work and the kids were antsy to get their vacation on (who am I kidding, I was too!) so we went to Mc Donald's for lunch and then headed to the pool which was a great way to wait it out! 

We hit the road and were able to make in time for smores on the porch.  It's about a 4 hour drive.   My dad arrived from PA and distributed all of the Stanley Cup gear for the Penguins #Pittsburghproud.  

The rest of the week was a whole lot of playing outside.  My kids did not ask one time to play on the iPads - can I get all the praise hands?!  The weather improved every day and by the end of the week we wanted to be in the water because it was HOT in MN!  I am just going to let the pictures do most of the recapping because it was hard enough to pare them down ;).  

We pulled out the water trampoline and jumped on it on the putting green.  My dad has saved it all these years and the kids were sure glad since I won't get them a trampoline.  I made up some fun songs and they just thought it was the funniest thing to dance around together.

We swung on swings a lot.  The kids each have their own on a tree.

We enjoyed boat rides around the lake, to get ice cream at the marina and this year we even picked up pizza at the local restaurant on the lake and ate on board for Lucy's birthday festivities.  My dad was a little stressed about the sauce but we had no major spills!

We celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday with a little party with my grandparents, parents and my sister and brother-in-law!  It followed the same theme as the first two parties - TWO CUTE MERMAID.  It was fun to have 4 generations at the lake!

We caught and released our fair share of small fish.  We even spotted a keeper walleye by the dock that Solon was convinced he could catch with his bare hands but alas it alluded him ;).

We spent our fair share of time in the shade watching the lake activities!

There was lots of tubing.  Some rides are wilder than others.  Grandma said her tubing days are coming to an end and the kids thought that was so funny! I said my tubing days with Solon are coming to an end.  That boy likes an adrenaline rush!

We also did our fair share of jumping off the back of the boat because it got hot riding.  We all jumped in to cool off.  There might have been some serious wild jumps!

We even got some skiing in of all varieties.  Vera practiced on the learner ski board and Solon got up with Grandpa behind the boat.  #blessGrandpa'slegs


We jet-skied too - rides for everyone!

Lots of dock sitting and maui mat lounging!

We even got some family photos...

#christmascardphoto ;)

On Friday, it was time to pack up after 6 full lake days and head back home.  Our hearts were so full with memories of a fun week on the lake.  24 years for me and counting and I am so thankful my sweet family loves it now as much as I do.  

Before heading home, we stopped at the Mall of America for a day of fun first.  It's become a yearly tradition to celebrate Solon's birthday (early) with rides.  We left the mall around 4pm, and about one minute later, 2 out of 3 kids were fast asleep.

Grandma and Grandpa earned cool points for riding the upside down roller coaster.  We all took turns riding with Solon who rode over and over again #nothankyou.

Vera was excited she was finally tall enough for some big kid rides.

Solon won Grandpa a new emoji pillow for his couch.  He was so touched. ;)

What a fun week at the lake it was!  From jumping in the lake, to skiing, tubing, boat rides, lake sitting, hot tubbing, playing games, smores, pancakes on the fire - we did it all and it was so much fun.   Lucy was not sure of the lake but by the end of the week we turned her into a lake kid too!

I will be back with a recap of my favorite day of the year - 4th of July next week!  

I am sharing 5 reasons I love lake living on Friday :).

Until next time keep on, keeping on #tribekoko

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