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Hey Friends....oh my goodness we made it.  This week has been crazy busy and we are starting to gear up for August which is FULL to the brim.  By the way, how is it August next week?  Just yesterday, I made a list of activities we are doing and what I need to do for each activity.  I have a fear I am going to forget something really important and I really don't want to.

Today I am just popping in to share 5 fun favorites with you before we head off to the lake!  They are quite random but that's my brain for you lately.  Happy Friday sweet friends :)!

{one - Gratitude Journal}

This month I switched up my prayer journal.  It's a DIY job.  I listed out areas in which I wanted to pray over for the month (things like praises, sins, prayers for others, etc) and then I filled in as the month went on.  I didn't leave enough space for each category so it's a bit messy but I am going to try the same format in August.  I will keep you posted and blog more about it soon, if I like it ;).

I wanted to share with you the praises portion of my journal.  It's the first thing I prayed about everyday.  What do I have to be grateful for?  At first, my brain was mush and I couldn't even remember the day before #momlife BUT then as I started to think of things I was grateful for, I could list more and more things. 

I thought I would share a few with you so you can get the idea -- I totally suggest recording them.  It's been fun to look back all month and see what I am grateful for.  I am going to share a few snippets with you in no particular order.

Good lake vacation.  Block party was so fun.  A fun dinner with friends.  A beautiful sunset out our back window.  Safety.  Waking up to get a run in.  Good meeting for my husband.  Vera did well at the dentist.  Lucy's laugh.  Our friend got good news.  Answered prayers. No fire despite the fire alarm going off.  A good mammogram report for a friend.  Friends got baptized.  Cooler temps.  Relaxing as a family.  Reading books to my kids.  Kids ate dinner.  Dance party before bed. 

Have you tried this?

{two - Visitors}

Speaking of things I am grateful for, we had a sweet visit with my cousin Madelynne and her friend from Germany!  They got to blend into our life for a few days.  We went to the pool, we ate dinner together and laughed through Friends episodes together (Season 4 for the win).  We are so glad she is coming to school near us so we can see her all the time!

{three - Giveaways}

I am so excited because I won my sweet friend Allie's blogiversary giveaway and it was a $50 Target gift card.  I have never won anything on social media before so I might have been doing a happy dance when I got the news!  She made me promise to spend it on myself SO I will let you know what I find.  Make sure you check out her blog and thank you Allie for my fun money!

Speaking of giveaways, we are closing in on 2,000 KOKO tribe members on Instagram.  Make sure you are following along over there so that you can enter the giveaway!  Our tribe is all about keeping (K) on (O), keeping (K) on (O) which is where I got KOKO from.  I want our little space to be all about encouragement, authenticity and pointing us to a joyful, faith-filled life.  I hope that helps, if you have been wondering why I always say #tibekoko or refer to you as "KOKO's"!

{four - yoga}

I got to go back to a yoga class this week.  I forgot how much I love it and how relaxing it can be.    Not to mention, I am sore the next day and I can wear flip flops to the gym.  I love yoga!  Do you?

{five - end of season deals}

You guys know I love a good deal and there are some good end of season deals going on right now.  The sunglasses (Gap Factory) and the navy, polka dot swimsuit are both on major sale right now (I ordered the suit for under $11 shipped).  

Generally trends that you see this year won't totally disappear by next summer so I always grab up a few things for myself (hello birthday month coming up).  What are you eyeing? Here are a few more things I am watching right now.  

Next week kicks off my back to school marathon!  I have lots of posts planned to get us all ready to go back to school!  Have a great weekend my friends.

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Until next time - keep on, keeping on! #tribekoko 

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