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5 Friday Favorites: June...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hey, Hey Friday!  Another summer week down.  It's been busy and full and at the same time, lazy and quiet around here.  I am wrapping up my last teaching license renewal class so we have been home in the afternoons while Lucy naps so I can get that done.

The kids don't seem to mind at all since there are some awesome new movies on Netflix - Moana, Trolls, Minions, Angry Birds Movie, Hotel Transylvania 2 and the list goes on and on.  Netflix isn't a favorite but it should be this week ;).

Oh and by the way, I did a fun Facebook live last night all about kids chores and cleaning with kids #oxymoron so go like my page and give it a watch.  I hope it encourages you :). I  have lots of fun things to share with you so grab your favorite form of caffeine and let's get this favorite party started!


These water beads are SO COOL.  My friend Karie gave us this bag with the teeny tiny little beads you see.  You place them in a bowl with water for 4-6 hours and voila - water beads.  They are so fun!  We have only just begun to figure out all the fun things to do with them.  Have you heard of them?


You guys Wal-Mart is wining me over (Target still wins in the customer service department ;) BUT Wal-Mart now has felt letter boards and light boxes for $9.97.  I couldn't decide which one to get - thoughts?.  My friend Karie said her daughter loves to play with the light box and got these emojis so  I think I could get the light box for V for her birthday and the felt board for me ;).


Once again, my friend Karie is FULL of amazing ideas.  She just threw a couple of birthday parties and instead of going some place or renting an inflatable, she bought this one at Kohl's and used her coupon to save additional money.  It came to about $250 shipped to her door!  I thought that was a genius idea if you have a bunch of summer birthdays - gift and party in one!

If your budget is smaller, I totally suggest these Dollar Tree shield floaties.  They work great for extra speed on your slip n'slide or as a shield in the sprinkler.  Some slip n'slides, like this one, come with them actually which is where I got the idea!


A favorite of Vera's this week is hair chalk.  I am telling you what, Vera didn't want to go swimming after our playdate because of her beautiful hair.  She now wants to do this as an activity for her party!  If you have a little girl or need a gift, this is a great one.  We have very porous blonde hair which tends to hold on to color, like chlorine, but this stuff washed right out!

Post playdate nap with her fries ;)


I ordered a swimsuit on Amazon.  My friend Emilie ordered this one (look at all the fun prints) with great success so I started looking.  Have you heard of the company Cupshe?  They sell on Amazon with free shipping and free returns.  The prices were too good to pass up trying them out.  Guess what?  I love the swimsuit!  

The cup inserts are a little more plush ;).  I went with a medium, which is a size up in the top but the right size in the bottoms.  I would say go with the size of your largest area if that makes sense.  They also have sizing charts online.  I read all the reviews to see if it ran true to size, etc.  I already wore it AND got a compliment so I am going to call this a MAJOR win.  

I totally suggest looking on Amazon for your next swimsuit, who would have thought.  I also LOVE Lime Ricki and their swimsuits!  I buy true to size on that website just an FYI.

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Until next time, keep on keeping on toward a joyful, faith-filled life! #tribekoko xoxo ERIN

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18 comments on "5 Friday Favorites: June..."
  1. We have Netflix but I always forget to see what's on there. The boys have been wanting to see Moana. I need to make that happen!

  2. Super cute swimsuit! I am intrigued by those little water beads- I feel like I've seen people put them in balloons to make them like a sensory/stress ball. The letterboard looks super fun- maybe I need it for my classroom! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have seen several people talking about CupShe. I guess I should check them out. That suit is just adorable. I love your image for pinning...genius! V's hair did look cute with the pink strands. Sweet girl, holding her beloved fries. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I've never heard or seen those water beads before, but they look fun! Vera looks so cute with the hair chalk in her hair. How fun! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  5. I want to try water beads! You are the second person I saw write about the Walmart letter board! Love that bathing suit!

  6. Those beads are NOT a favorite in this house. We had so much fun with them at first wiggling our fingers in them and making stress balls. Before I knew it there were EVERYWHERE! They shrink back down to beads after a couple days if left without water but I am still finding little beads in every corner of the house.

    On a different note, that suit is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  7. I need to check out those water beads. They look really neat! Olivia would probably try to put them in her nose, though, so we'd have to keep her away from them. Lol. That girl. Happy weekend, Erin!

  8. That swimming suite is adorable! I wondered what you got from them. WE have water beads and the boys love them. I need to get them out soon because they'll keep us busy this summer. Netflix is such a nice thing around here. My boys LOVE Trolls!

  9. Loved your Mom Suit post! So encouraging as always!! I've looked at water bead ideas on Pinterest - there's so many! Our girls are probably too little for them still, but one day...we'll have lots of fun! Happy weekending!

  10. So much good stuff on this list! Where do I start?!
    1. Vera + hair chalk = too adorable for words
    2. Cupshe suits are amazing!
    3. Summer = favorite always
    4. You are a complete natural on FB Live!!
    Happy Friday, buddy!!

  11. walmart carries letterboards?!? What?!?! I need to venture into one......what area did you find them in? Thanks!

  12. I just ordered some of those water beads!! I need to check out Pinterest for more ideas of what to do with them. And you're the second person today I saw post about that $10 letter board!! I need one! I hope there's one left at my store! Have a great weekend! xo

  13. Hey Erin.

    Great post! I just love all the outside fun stuff that is going on in your garden. Yay for summer! We are wrapped up and COLD this weekend.


  14. I just got a swimsuit from Cupshe!!! I got a one piece because "baby weight" ;) BUT I love the way it fits! Love these favorites - gotta pin it!

  15. I love that swim suit. I also LOVE and NEED those letter boards. I want them for my classroom as a center for the kids to make their sight words. I will have to keep my eyes out for them! What a great price. Those water beads are the best. My kids are entertained by them for hours. What a great round up of favorites!

  16. We have yet to jump on the waterbeads train! I’ve heard they are a ton of fun for kids. I have been searching my Walmart something fierce for one of those letterboards, but nothing yet. What department did you find them in?

  17. Water beads are great (as long as you don't have little kids who could swallow them). I like to add the beads to a clear flower vase for an extra splash of color. It's fun to watch the beads "grow".


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