Perfectly Port in Pictures: May...

Here we are again - the end of another month!  It's time to empty my phone and sift through the pictures!  Hope you have fun following along.  In case you missed it -- here's April, March, and February ;).  

May started with May Day!  One of our favorite traditions....

My bible study small group got together for a fun luncheon at our mentor mom's house.  It was nice to have lunch with adults and she is such a sweet hostess!

Baseball was in full swing (see what I did there ;) and the girls were great cheerleaders for their brother in between running down the adjacent hill, sitting in their tiny tailgate chairs and snacking ;).

It was Nana's birthday on May 2nd so after Solon's baseball game we came back to our house for cake and presents.  Vera and I made her a family favorite, better than anything cake.

We also found lots of time to play outside...

The kids especially had fun finding worms as we did a little landscaping.  They put them in our garden sure they would help our tiny plants along!

We played with our neighbor friends.  Both Solon and Vera have lots of kids their ages to play with!

Solon got to miss a morning at school to see Vera's end of year preschool program.  He was pretty excited to hang out with me and take a walk while we waited for it to begin.  

Vera did a great job being the lamb in her program as they acted out Mary Had a Little Lamb!  They recited all sorts of nursery rhymes and songs then concluded with cookies and a Mother's Day song!

The kids talked Scott into camping in our family room in our new tent!   

I led worship with my sweet praise team.  We lead generally the 1st Sunday of every month and I love serving with this group.  I am the very least talented among them but LOVE serving the Lord in worship!

We looked cute with hands in our pockets when we went to get all of our vegetables for our garden!

Then had fun slip n' sliding in our backyard.  Nothing says summer like a slip n'slide!  

Of course there was some nightly wrestling matches and tickle fights.  

Lucy and I stopped by for walking taco day at Solon's school, it's his favorite school lunch.  Lucy thought it was so fun and ate so well!  

Vera had some fun playdates with little friends to fill up her afternoons!

Of course we hit up our local park and took some bike rides as a family!  Vera is working on mastering the monkey bars and Solon likes to practice at the park with his metal bat (mom won't let him at home ;).

Vera went to the farm for her preschool field trip!  She even got to sit in a tractor and semi-truck!

Of course it was Mother's Day so they treated me to cards, breakfast in bed and an afternoon to go shopping all by myself!

Solon got to try his hand at pithing at one of his games.  He loves baseball!

We snuck in a trip to Minnesota to see my mom for Mother's Day and Scott's sister's family and parents so we could see my niece as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty!  We also snuck in a quick trip to the Como Zoo which everyone loved especially a squealing Lucy!

I may have had some fun celebrating my friend Rochelle's 40th birthday with my neighbor friends.  We forked her yard...they do say the older you get, you revert to your youth.  I felt a little bit like we were teepeeing her house ;).  She took it in good stride :).

We had our first tornado warning of the season just as our friends were leaving our house.  We called them back in and had them park their van in our garage.  Then we all hung out in our basement.  It might have been the highlight of our kids' week to ride out the storm together.  Thankfully there was no damage!    They look really scared, don't they ;) ???

We had a fancy pants diner one day for lunch?  She is always making us laugh!

We said good-bye to some of our VERY favorite teachers ever.  These gals love what they do and the children they serve.  We are so thankful for them!

We watched our little friend for the day and the girls got to play with my American Girl dolls.  We just get my trunk out on special occasions. They sure had fun with Samantha and Felicity.  I might have been a little stressed that they put it back just as I had it.

We needed a few more chairs for our patio table since there are 5 of us and only were 4 chairs.  I finally pulled the trigger on some I had been eyeing at Target.  It was full cart day at Target :).

A local school had a darling little book parade so we went to our friend's house to watch with them.  There was a bit of rain before it started so Lucy and I snuggled together!

We had a great Memorial Day at the lake and were surprised by Sister and Brother-in-law from Seattle came!  We celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday and had a great weekend all together.  We took boat rides, played a family baseball game, hot tubbed, ate and ate again, and played lots of board games!

We ushered in summer with the last day of school for Solon!

Our last lunch with all 3 of us ladies - next year Vera will be off to kindergarten.  She could NOT be more excited!

Then after lunch Vera and I chalked the sidewalk to welcome home Solon and his friends.  We have popsicles every year on the last day at our neighbor's house!  It's a fun way to kick off summer!

Summer is in full swing around here!

We have a 2nd grader...

....and a kindergartener!

June has already been packed full and we have barely started.  If you want to know what we are up to, you can check out our summer bucket list!  

I love looking back on each month and reflecting on all the fun we had in the midst of the daily routines and chaos!  Here's to a great June for everyone!

Until next time, keep on keeping on! #tribekoko

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