A Quick End of Year Teacher Gift...

Happy Thursday friends, you don't hear me say that very often but I had that fun extra post about Leilani's lemonade stand on Tuesday!  If you didn't read about it, go do that and then hop right back over here.

It's the end of the school year for many of us.  We are T-3 days left around here, not that we haven't been counting down for the last 180 days or anything ;).  Before we head into summer mode, it's a good time to thank our teachers for all they have done for our kiddos all year long.

Gift cards are a fan favorite friends amongst teachers.  I can say that with certainty because I was a teacher ;).  Go to Pinterest and look at all my pins of cute ways to gift gift cards, most of them require just a printer and something to affix the gift card to the printable!

Today I have a little printable to go along with a gift card to a restaurant of your choice.  Most teachers do their fair share of lunch duty so now it our turn to take over lunch duty and treat them to lunch this summer!

Simply save this graphic to your computer by right-clicking (make sure to keep the .jpg).  You can also find the pin icon in the top left hand corner so you can pin for later use.

Open up the file on your computer and prepare to print as shown in the above picture!

In the printing options choose 4 copies per page.  This makes sure the graphic is just the right size.  If you choose 6, 9 or more copies per page, the graphic will be much too small. 

I suggest printing your cards on plain white card stock for extra durability.  Once printed, you just have to cut them out.  If you want your child to write their teacher a note, simply have them write it on the back of the card before affixing the gift card!

You can attach the gift card with a circle of tape, rubber cement or photo squares.  My gift card came in a pack that already had the sticky dots so I simply unstuck it from the card and on to my card with no need for additional adhesive.   #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Your teacher is sure to remember you and be so thankful for a fun, yummy lunch this summer on you!  They don't get to go out to lunch very much during the school year.

How are you thanking your teacher this year?  Please share in the comments.  They continually keep on, keeping on.  #tribekoko :)

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