Perfectly Port In Pictures: April...

Happy May Day!  Don't forget to assemble your baskets and head out for some May Day fun!  Today I am rewinding back to April to take a peak into pictures they may not have made the blog and recount all the fun we had!

We kicked off April serving as a family at a single mom's event at the church.  We all helped play with the kids.

We celebrated the return of our dear friend Josh from deployment in Afghanistan.  This is most of our small group ladies - just missing 2!  I promise we didn't eat all that cake, although it was that good.

Scott's phone died so off to the mall we went to figure out next steps and of course we let the kids play at the play place.  My kids love these things - it's a little bit crazy for me but hey you only live once!

Vera went to school to get her kindergarten ID picture....big changes for this girl and she couldn't be more excited. Momma on the other hand #passmeatissue.

We finished up dance with sweet friends. Carpooling rocks as an aside!

We also snuck in lots of play dates!

We celebrated Palm Sunday!

We enjoyed an ice cream sundae for dessert a few times ;).

We also have been watching the Great British Baking Show as a family on Netflix now that Out Daughtered and Countin On have wrapped up (2 of our other family favorites).

We cleaned out closets, sorted clothes and turned skirts into ponchos!

We dined al fresco as much as the weather allowed #lessmess #everyoneishappy.

We read lots and lots of books!

We played outside a bunch! We love spring....

The kids even helped daddy pull his car into the garage (I used to do this with my dad!).

We inspected the field to see what the farmer planted (it has now sprouted and we think corn for the 4th year in a row).

We enjoyed tumbling classes!

Dressing up and playing in the basement!

Helping Mommy with chores....

Preparing for our garden expansion!

...And helping mommy plant some ferns!

The weather turned COLD the end of April so we all got confused and put on winter boots!

Of course we celebrated Easter too.

We finished off the month with dance recital weekend.  My parents came for the weekend.  Then after the recital we had Scott's parents, Nana and Papa over for pizza and ice cream.  It was a fun way to end April!

Some reading with Grandma and Target shopping on a rainy day with grandparents.  Grandpa is a grown-up kid ;).

Our sweet tiny dancer danced to Daddy's Girl.

Grandma and Grandpa....

The gang's all here!

Nana and Papa!

Sweet, sweet friends :)

It was a fun, busy April and May is looking to be busier still with baseball, end of year activities, Mother's Day, a few birthdays, and my niece's play not to mention the last day of school and Memorial Day which kicks off summer!  Hopefully the weather warms up by then!


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