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A New Kitchen Faucet...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Monday!  I am stopping in with a quick fix we made this weekend.  I hope you all are having a great start to your week!  Any home improvement happen at your home this weekend?

When we built our home 4 years ago there were certain things we did not hand-pick.  The plumbing fixtures were one of them.  They have served us well, however, about 6 months ago I noticed water start to spill out of a tiny crack on the side of our faucet.  Over time the crack corroded more and it started to spray out the side and straight up leaving only one sink usable since the water would spray into the adjacent sink.  Bummer!  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it on my insta-stories!

Kitchen faucets are not exactly cheap!  So we have lived with it for a bit until we decided what we wanted, there was a sale (are you surprised we waited for a sale? #nope) and my Father-in-law was back home to help my husband.  Since it was water-related, he wanted a 2nd pair of eyes who knew what they were doing (that excluded me) to help with the project!



I am cheap thrifty, so when I pick things out I have a constant mind battle of cheapest vs. what I love.  Anyone else?  

When I spotted this new faucet, it was love at first sight.  As much as one can love a faucet that is.  It has a square detail on the nozzle and handle, oil-rubbed bronze and the goose-neck design which we knew we wanted to convert to.  We had heard from professional plumbers that both Delta and Moen were trusted and reliable, and they guarantee their faucets for life.  

Given our last manufacturer told us to contact our builder and our builder told us to contact the manufacturer, we felt good knowing we wouldn't have to go through that circus again should something happen!

The faucet comes with all the necessary items for 1-4 hole set-up.  Our sink has a separate water shut off that the guys turned off prior to taking out the old faucet.  Once they were done removing that, there were detailed instructions included in the box for installation of the new faucet.  The guys assured me the tubing and all the things we don't see were much better quality too.  They were excited about that, I was sure excited about the beauty and function!  It only sprays when asked now ;).  

They got it all switched out in under an hour.  Isn't this always how it is with projects, we wish we would have done it sooner!  We were nervous about install given we were dealing with water and you don't want a leak.  I am so thankful for the upgrade!  It's nice to know the investment should last us for a long time!

It has a nice long detachable nozzle, spray vs stream function and one handle.  The kids were so excited to test it out.  We might all enjoy washing dishes a little more for the next few days!

So there you have it a little weekend DIY project!  What have you been working on around your home?  Home ownership always means some sort of project to fix or update around the house.  Before you go, head over to my Facebook page, I need some advice...

Go to Facebook and give me all the information, my kids REALLY REALLY want a fish...help a momma out!

Until next time, keep on keeping on :)

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This post is not sponsored, just wanted to share we FINALLY fixed our faucet!   

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8 comments on "A New Kitchen Faucet..."
  1. I love that faucet! You know you're an adult when ... 😉 I gave my advice on the fish!! We love our Beta, Cam Newton Cousins (named by my football loving boy, ha)!!! Happy Monday, girl!

  2. My biggest piece of fish advice would be to not get too many, or a shark. Hahahaha! My parents got Maddi around 5 fish for her Birthday including a mini-shark which they were told was non-aggressive. Fast forward to April and Coco (the Shark) has eaten everyone (pinky, violet, Jackie Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln...gone...all gone. The best part about the set-up is the tank has it's own filter system and we don't have to clean it often at all and the water is really clean and clear. That faucet is SO pretty! I love it. Moen is a great brand. Happy Monday!

  3. I loved your instastory about this! I struggle with the same thing price or preference. I'm so glad you got the faucet you wanted. It looks great.

  4. Beautiful! I'm right there with you on the quality/cost struggle.

  5. When we were house shopping 4 years ago and picked our new home the first thing I said was, "I want the whole house painted and that kitchen faucet has to go!" HA. Such a simple change made a huge difference to me in the looks of the room. We just had to replace the faucet again a couple of months ago. We went with Moen this time and it has made such a difference...I think we bought a bad faucet and didn't realize it until we put the new one in not long ago. The water flow even SOUNDS different with our new faucet...yes I said our water sounds different. HAHA

  6. The updated faucet looks great! It really is the little things, isn't it?!?

  7. I'm the same way as you, I see things I like and if I can't decide I always lean towards what's cheaper, but then it's a battle in my head LOL. Love the new faucet!! We are remodeling our master bathroom so the hubby was working on that this weekend. Can't wait for it to be DONE! :)

  8. Hi,
    will explore your suggestions asap..I see things I like and if I can't decide I always lean towards what's cheaper, but then it's a battle in my head LOL
    I'm so glad you got the faucet you wanted. It looks great.


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