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Five Friday Favorites: May....

Friday, May 26, 2017

Gee golly whiz!  May has zipped right by us and here we are on the cusp of summer.  #yippeeskippee Memorial Day in my mind is the kick off to summer, anyone else?  The pools open, lake season begins, school wraps up and our schedule gets filled with all sorts of fun!  Speaking of which, I am doing a Facebook live TODAY at 1 PM CST talking all things "Summer Bucket List".  Simply like my page and join me.

Once a month I share a few of my favorites that I think you might love too :).  In no particular order, let's get sharing!


My hands may be full but you should see my heart (and my caffeine intake ;).  Us mommas can carry heavy loads!  We have been having fun talking about our favorite drinks and it was fun to see what keeps you going moms!  Make sure to follow both my Instagram and Facebook pages to join in on the fun conversations!  I even picked your brain about the great fish debate #mykidswantone.  You had SO much wisdom.  I will be asking for more advice soon and I know you will all are so wise!

The point of this favorite is actually my new jeans.  You guys I hate (shouldn't use that word) strongly dislike shopping for pants.  Anyone else?  I really wanted a pair of frayed hem jeans with a distressed look.   I found these at Old Navy.  I got my actual size but they do stretch out so I suggest sizing down.  They are super comfortable!  The price is right especially with a coupon or sale!  


Speaking of my new jeans, while I was out shopping I was alone so I actually could try things on!  I rounded up some of my favorites I am loving this season!  My favorite shorts, my go to summer purse, comfy mom sandals and more!  What are you loving right now?  I am still on the hunt for more pom-pom and tassel accents!  


Tiny, fake, potted plants!  I have the brownest thumb but  I love plants.  At our local Michaels they have these darling little potted plants in terra cotta or stone pots.  They are usually 40% off or you can use your Michael's app coupons and they ring up to around $3!  They have a ton of varieties including succulents!


Our van does not have built in DVD players so when we go on long car trips our kids have an iPad.  Long story short, we acquired 3 without purchasing any of them ;).  That's a story for another day.  So each kid has their own with a pair of headphones.  We just got the Amazon basics ($12.99) for Solon!  

The only problem was Lucy wanted to watch too!  So I looked online for a fix and I found this car headrest holder.  We have tested it out on a recent road trip and it worked great.  I will say it works best if your iPad has a case, otherwise the iPad can slip out going around corners.  We have this case, which by the way, we have had for 6 years!    I simply downloaded our digital copy of Trolls and Lucy watched that!  She was squealing with delight.  


My last favorite is hammy-downs.  They aren't just for kids!  My mom has been cleaning out and she gifted me a new purse and this cake stand (Here is a similar one).  Funny enough I asked for one for Mother's Day ;).  I got it - ha!  Have you ever gotten any good hammy-downs?  It really is true, one man's trash, is another man's treasure! 

Before you go -- 

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Of course, you all have been so supportive with our Leilani's Lemonade Stand as we honor Leilani in her final days and help her cross it off her bucket list!

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I hope you have the best weekend.  There won't be a post on Monday, I hope to enjoy the full LONG weekend with my family before we gear up for the last 2 days of school!  Don't forget to join me this afternoon at 1PM CST on Facebook! Keep on, keeping on #tribekoko!

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15 comments on "Five Friday Favorites: May...."
  1. I too have a brown thumb, but those plants look easy and cute enough to take care of! Happy Friday, friend. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I don't usually have a green thumb either, but I'm trying really hard! I love the look of greenery around the house. So far so good. ;) That picture of you and your girls is really cute! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. Yep, for Mother's Day I asked for the PW Utensil Crock you shared on your Walmart finds post! I love the way it looks in our kitchen; a fun pop of color from the boring plain black one we had. Thanks for sharing!! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't keep plants alive either! Even my succulent is going downhill and those are supposed to survive anything.. Those little fake plants are precious and look so real! I might have to make a Michaels run soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. We have cake stands from our wedding but none with a dome! I love how it looks! I think we may need that car ipad holder because we don't have DVD players!

  6. I love the hands are full, but so is my heart and caffeine intake. So true for me as well. Love the purse and shirt. So cute. You got three ipads for free!? Awesome. I need to put mine against the head rests too. Have a great weekend!

  7. We don't have built in DVD players either, so we bought a set for the car and we got the strap ons for the car seat as well and they work beautifully! We can get all the way to the beach in 3.5 hours without stopping once becuase the kids are so enamored!!

  8. Those jeans are adorable! I love them. What a great fit, wash, and I love the destructed look. I love this list of favorites as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I need to go to Michael's this weekend and pick up some of those plants! So cute! Love the jeans too!

  10. I LOVE Old Navy jeans! And Michaels with their tiny potted plants! This is a great list!!

  11. Oh, I need one of those iPad headrest holders for Liam. He still rear faces! I love the jeans, shirt and swimsuit you shared, too!

  12. Love those Old Navy jeans! Hope you had a great long weekend!

  13. Tell me more about getting iPads for free! :) :) We only have a Kindle and I have a love/hate. Seems unreliable. The kids mainly use Matt's work iPad for their favorite apps but usually Matt has the iPad at work ... sooo ... I think about long road trips coming up this summer and I wish we had better options!!!

  14. LOVE those little plants! I'm a sucker for the fake plants. They always look perfect ;)


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