A Day in the Life of Us Right Now...

Do you ever wonder how other families spend their days? What do their schedules and routines look like? Yep me too!  I thought it would be fun to share with you a random Tuesday right now at our house.   Let's take a look at what we were up to!   What do your days look like?

I am not a morning person so I get up with my kids at about 7am.  Scott gets up a little bit before to read the bible and then comes up to get ready for work.  My son generally is the first kiddo to get up.  He gets dressed, comes and stands by my bed and I somehow feel the stares and stir ;).  He then heads downstairs to watch a little TV while I get up and go get Lucy.  She is always happy to see me when I walk in.  

We head downstairs and I immediately put the water on to boil for our french press coffee (similar).  Then I start breakfast orders.  I swear breakfast has become a short order restaurant.  Everyone wants a little something different.  Most mornings its between frozen waffles/pancakes, cereal, muffins or breakfast bars.  Everyone gets what they want and I get Lucy situated. 

I generally pack lunches for Scott and Solon the night before so I pull those out and then begin on the dishwasher.  I finish making our coffee in our favorite to go mugs and start ushering Scott and Solon out the door about 7:40am.  The girls and I wave goodbye and then I get my coffee to read the bible and prayer journal while the girls play.

At about 8:15am, I generally head upstairs to get ready (I showered the night before).  It takes me about 20 minutes to do my hair, make-up and get dressed.  I then call the girls up to get dressed and hair done because we need to head to bible study!

They were excited to wear matching outfits and head to see their friends at bible study!  We meet from 9-10:30am on Tuesdays during the school year.  I drop them at their classes and get all the equipment set up to watch our lesson.  We are studying this right now.

After bible study, I arranged to meet up with a friend at 11am for lunch at Panera Bread.  So Vera brought her backpack full of colors and things.  The girls love their cinnamon crunch bagels sliced like bread.  I love their chipotle chicken sandwich and chili lime ranch salad - yum.  

After lunch, we stopped at our local grocery store to pick up some gyro meat and brats for a couple of meals.  Of course Vera found shopkins fruit snacks and I was reminded why shopping online saves me money!  We were in and out of the store quickly and headed home for nap time for Lucy.

They were looking so cute matching, we had to have a little photo session before heading in to read books, sing songs and laying Lucy down for a nap.   She generally goes down around 1pm.

Once we got Lucy down for a nap, my sister called from Seattle so we face timed with her for about an hour.  We got all caught up on life and Vera showed her her Shopkins collection.  Bless my sister's heart!

After we said our good-byes because my phone nearly died, I got to work on some blogging things!  I generally spend most nap times working on making graphics, writing posts and posting to Instagram. Generally, Vera and I do something just the two of us whether its cooking, coloring or playing a game before she then independently plays or crafts.  She has time to watch a show for an hour before Solon gets home from school at 3pm. 

Once Solon got home, I finished up what I was doing while he washed his hands, got a snack and had 20 minutes with the iPad.  We have found that's a good way for him to decompress and have a bit of time from the day.  I got Lucy up, everyone had a snack and we headed off to the chiropractor for our weekly adjustment!

Once we got home, the big kids went to play with their friends.  The boys on our street had a baseball game in the backyard.  The girls played barbies on our driveway and then went and jumped on the trampoline at the neighbors.  Poor Lucy was stuck with me but she was happy to pretend driving the jeep and play bubbles.

When Scott got home around 5:30pm, I handed Lucy off to him and rounded up the kids before starting to make gyros for dinner.  Everyone washed hands, set the table and we ate about 6pm!

After dinner, Scott took Solon to baseball practice at 6:45pm.  Then he took the girls up for bath time while I finished cleaning the kitchen and picking up the main floor!  Anyone else like a clean house at the end of the day?

Scott, the girls and I played a bit before he headed back to get Solon.  I took the girls upstairs to read books, pray and tuck them into bed at about 8pm.  When Solon got home, he took a quick shower and then Scott and I read with him and prayed before he went to bed.

By this time it was almost 9pm!  I headed to take a quick shower before Scott and I watched our favorite new show -- Poldark!  If you haven't seen it yet and you liked Downton Abbey, I would highly suggest it.  

After that, we headed up to bed at 10pm.  I spent the next hour catching up on Instagram and Facebook before heading to bed about 11:15pm.  My goal is 10:30pm but it rarely happens ;).  

So there's a random day in the life of us right now!  What do we have in common?  Our schedule is about to look a whole lot less busy, as we enjoy the lazy mornings of summer.  We just have about a week left of school and we can't wait :).   What does your day look like?

Until next time, keep on keeping on :)  #tribekoko 

xoxo ERIN

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