Leilani's Lemonade Stand...

Leilani arriving home with her family after 600 days in the hospital!

Leilani: A sweet 10 year old girl in our church about ready to meet Jesus face to face.  She has fought the good fight and healing is coming, just not the way we hoped.  It's heart breaking and unimaginable.  Our hearts are broken for her family.

She was born with a heart defect that required a heart transplant at a very young age.  At about 8 years old, her new heart started to give out.  She spent the next 600 days in the hospital fighting for her life.  She underwent her 2nd heart transplant in 2016.  Unfortunately the wait took a toll on her body and other internal organs.

She came home earlier this year to live her final days, was granted a Make-A-Wish trip to Florida and has continued to live out her faith and her mantra "overcomer".   She has had a bucket list full of fun things she hoped to do in her final days.  It included gardens, dates with her family, eating her favorite meals, reading the Harry Potter books and seeing Beauty and the Beast.   Things many of us take for granted.

The list also included a lemonade stand.

She is too sick now to have a stand of her own but that doesn't mean we can't help make that bucket list item a reality.

On Thursday, June 1st we invite you to have "Leilani's Lemonade Stand"  

It's the first day of summer around here and what better way to kick it off then with the age old tradition of a lemonade stand.  All while we share the remarkable story of a sweet young girl, who loves the Lord so much, has fought so hard and always shared the hope we have in Jesus, our Savior.

So are you in?  

All you need to do is host a lemonade stand on Thursday, June 1st in your neighborhood.  Post a picture with the hashtag #Leilanislemonadestand and print the graphic if you would like to display at the stand.

How to donate your proceeds -- 

Donate to Make A Wish 

Click here - select the amount you wish to donate.

Next under "options" please select "Donate in Honor or Memory", then choose a card type of your choice and fill out the Honoree information - Leilani Lahey.  If you wish, in the from category list "Leilani's Lemonade Stand by (blank)".

Last make sure to click local chapter and choose "Make-A-Wish Iowa".  Save and continue on with the next form!  


The Lahey Family Go Fund Me Account 

Please click this link here for funeral expenses and other expenses incurred during Leilani's medical stays.

Helpful Promotional Supplies -- 

Here is a Lemonade Stand tract to share the gospel with your patrons.  Simply save this photo, by right clicking.  Make sure to save it as a .jpg.  Open the file and choose print.  You can click number of copies you want to print on the print form.  I suggest print 2 or 4 copies per page.  

We hope you will join us.  If you can't participate on that day, please help spread the word by sharing the graphic found on my Facebook page or visiting a local lemonade stand!

Leilani took the lemon life gave her and always made lemonade.  If you have any questions,  please contact Erin Port at erin.wetherbee@gmail.com!  Thank you!

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