Five Friday Favorites: April...

It's the last Friday of the month and so I thought I would share 5 favorites today!  What are you loving these days?  Anyone have any good recommendations for me???  Here is a round-up of things I am loving and excited about these days!   Hope you have a great weekend my sweet friends!


May Day is Monday

Do you celebrate May Day where you live? We do!  If you don't, you should totally start the tradition with your friends and neighbors.  We simply raid the pantry for leftover Easter candy, pop some popcorn and make baskets with solo cups and strips of construction paper that we decorate and affix with staples.

Then the kids put on their running shoes, drop the baskets, and ding dong ditch.  You don't want to get caught or the rumor is you might get a kiss!  That's what the saying was when I was a kid anyway.  My kids look forward to it every year, the ding dong ditching -- thankfully not the kissing ;).  I have a reminder on my Facebook page for Monday!


Minwax Stain Marker

I shared this on Instagram (are you following me ;) and it's a game changer if you have hardwood floors and live in your home.  Scratches happen, amen?  You simply shake up the pen (much like a paint pen) and then color in the scratch, let it sit for a bit and then wipe off with a paper towel.  The longer you leave it, the more it will penetrate the wood. 

 I vacuum and wash my floors and then go around and touch up all the scuffs!  They are super inexpensive and I have had mine since we moved in.  I have dark floors and use the ebony finish.  I also use it on our farmhouse table and any other dark furniture around the house!  Just remember to wipe off.


Lucy (our youngest) is totally into reading books all of a sudden.  We have always read to her but now she gets so excited for nap and bedtime to read her stack of books with mommy.  Our favorites right now are these on repeat: Belly Button Book -- Dance -- Snuggle Puppy -- Brown Bear, Brown Bear -- Five Little Monkeys and Peek A Moo.  It's turned into one of my favorite times of day with her as we read and sing songs together!  What are your favorite books to read with your kids these days?


Have you heard of a tinkle?  Either had I but a gal I follow on Instagram mentioned that she uses these little eyebrow razors for those little tiny blonde hairs below her eyebrows and between them.  You can also use a tinkle for the pesky above the lip hairs that seem to grow.  Anyway, I pluck my brows but those little hairs take forever.  I am smitten and you can't beat the price!  You need a tinkle ;).


Windex Outdoor Window Cleaning Pads

The farmer planted which meant I could wash my windows since all the dust should be done flying for a bit.  I tried these pads for the main floor windows and I attached them to my norwex mop.  If you have a mop that has a mechanism to hold pads, you don't need to buy anything but the refill kit.  You simply wet your windows with a hose, scrub til you see bubbles and you get all the dirt off, then rinse clean.  I was really impressed.  I felt like a professional window cleaner.  I have yet to get on a ladder to do the 2nd story because #ladders!    I used 1 pad for all my main story windows (7 windows). 

Before you go...

Have any of you tried these magnetic garage door pulls. They seem like an easy addition to add curb appeal but not sure if they would last.  What are your thoughts? The price is right!

As we wrap up April, here are the top five posts (in order of most views).  Thanks for your continued support.  If there is something you would like to see more of or less of, let me know.  My goal is always to serve you well, my faithful tribe!  You can pin these for later reading too, there is a pin it icon in the corner of all pictures, FYI :).

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There you have it -- A wood stain pen, some favorite tiny toddler books, a beauty product, window cleaning pads, and a round-up of your favorite blog posts from April.  Have a great weekend my friends!  Next time we meet up, it's May Day.  Don't forget!  Do you make baskets in your neck of the woods?

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