April Meal Planner: 25 Easy Meal Ideas...

Happy April!  I am back with another monthly meal plan list.  If you missed last month's, you can go here.  I also shared a video on how I grocery shop and meal plan as well as some free, pinnable, printable ;) grocery staples lists!

 If you are like me, I can get in a rut but sometimes seeing what others are eating helps me to introduce new foods to my family and spice things up!  I do most of my shopping with Wal-Mart pick-up.  Have I convinced you yet?

Let's recap what is on our menu these days!    I plan 5 meals a week.  We either eat leftovers or go out the other nights.  Pin this post and then you can reference it when you go to make your weekly meal plan.  I meal plan weekly but then keep my notes so I can remember for future reference!

1.  Cheeseburgers, curly fries and fruit (pictured above)

2.  Eggs, breakfast sausage and cinnamon rolls

3.  Chicken Tortilla Soup with fixings

4.  Teryaki Meatballs, rice and roasted broccoli

5.  Chicken quesadillas with chips, guacamole and salsa

6.  Bruschetta chicken pasta with garlic bread (pictured above)

7.  Walking Tacos

8.  Make your own pizzas

9.  Grilled chicken cobb salads with homemade ranch dressing

10.  Bacon, avocado grilled cheese sandwiches (plain grilled cheese for kids)

11. Breakfast stuffing muffins with resurrection rolls & fruit (pictured above)

12.  Parmesean crusted chicken with fettucini noodles, sautéed peas

13.  Crockpot roast with mashed potatoes and mini corn on the cobs

14.  Philly cheesesteaks (with leftover roast meat) and tossed salads

15.  One pan chicken fajitas with fixings

16.  Crockpot pulled chicken parmesean paninis  (pictured above) with sautéed green beans

17.  Tacos with fixings

18.  Italian Chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans bake

19.  Gyros with fruit (our local Fareway grocery store says gyro lamb meat)

20.  Bacon wrapped chicken griller with buttered noodles and roasted broccoli

21.  Homemade chicken salad pita sandwiches with chips & fruit (pictured above)

22.  Steaks with roasted potatoes and veggies

23. Turkey, swiss and parmesan crusted paninis with sautéed green beans

24.  Hamburger hot dish with buttered bread & corn  (just the way my Grandma served it ;)

25.  Sourdough pancakes, sausage and eggs

Here a few recipe cards for some of the ideas in my meal plan.   Please pin them for later use!  Let me know if you have any other questions. I normally plan on "planned-overs" as my husband's grandma calls it.  My husband and I normally eat leftovers for lunch so I try to make extra (with a growing boy, that doesn't always work out!).

 I get asked a lot about what our kids eat.  When I make things like chicken salad, I just give them plain chicken in a pita but usually they eat what we eat.  Our rule is you eat as many bites as you are old.  So if you are 5, you need to eat 5 bites to be excused from the table and have dessert.  I normally give them the number of bites on their plate at the start.  If they want more, that's always welcome (I am looking at you my growing boy #eatingmeoutofhouseandhome).

What are you eating these days?  I would love to hear from you.  Last month Abigail mentioned an egg roll bowl.  I need to try it still!  Please sound off in the comments.  How often do you go out to eat? How many meals a week do you make?   

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest to see what else I am pinning for dinner these days, I am especially loving the one pan recipes. What other recipes do you want me to share?  

Until next time, keep on smiling and keep on, keeping on!

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